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Epilepsy and Heart Diseases

Hi there, I am 18 years, Female and i've had 2 epileptic seizures. Both happened when I was ill and had had irregular appetite. Both also happened when i passed out. The specialist said it was nothing serious, and no follow up is needed, and it just a passing seizure. I've also always had heart palpitations. My mother had heart murmur when she was younger, but it went away in her late 20s. The doctor told me that it might be genetic, and gave me some pills so control it. He also told me that is is mainly my irregular diet and lack of exercise that causes this and there is no need to worry. However, my palpitations stopped a few years ago, but started again last year. I would like to know if epliepsy is related to heart problems. I now have frequent chest pains and palpitations that last for a whole night. I would feel dizzy and nausea when this happens. Sometimes it also includes fainting spells, and sudden partial vision loss. My chest would hurt whenever i breathe in or out. At occasions I would also feel a weird feeling in my head. It's not a headache or fainting spell, but more of like a brain cell dying or something, like a sudden loss or consciousness, but I could feel it. Vision loss would then follow. Both the epilepsy and heart problems came and went at the same time. I am new at this, therefore i need to know what medication to get for this as those my doctor gave me did not work. I need something to help control the pain until my appointment with the heart specialist in October, which is the earliest he is available. Thank you in advance.

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