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Any Latvians here?

Sat, 02/21/2009 - 23:26

Hi, is there anyone else here of Latvian descent? I'd like to meet you, could you PM please?

Kay x


All possible translation

Submitted by DinaLiv on Tue, 2017-07-25 - 08:57
All possible translation services you can find by clicking on the link:

I speak Latvian easily - in

Submitted by karan12 on Wed, 2017-10-25 - 00:30
I speak Latvian easily - in any event as fluidly as I communicate in English! We talked just Latvian at home regardless I talk it with my mother and sister. I likewise have Latvian companions, so I talk it once a day. I have been to Latvia - was conceived in Germany after the War, since my people fled the Communists - 5 times since 1991. I am astounded at how the nation has changed... from boring dim to picture postcard. I realize that the new Latvian President - a female! - is doing much to reinforce the economy and work on money related issues. Coincidentally, this last time, I saw her at the Opera - her container seating was around 50 feet from me. Last time I was there, I sat around 6 feet from the then President and his significant other at an open air music fest. While I invest the majority of my energy in Riga - and I can disclose to you that each time I spend no less than a month and it is never enough - I have gone on side trips all through Latvia. Haven't been all over the place, however each time I see something different. To the extent Latvian books/tapes and so forth to learn Latvian - I realize that they have some on <a href="">best essay writing service</a> . My niece doesn't talk any Latvian - which she laments enormously - and is presently endeavoring to learn. Incidentally, Riga is commending its 800th Anniversary one year from now - established in 1201. Enormous huge festivals got ready for one year from now. I will backpedal again - maybe twice one year from now.

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