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After effects and such

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 13:28
I'm 36 and had my first grand mal at the beginning of Sept. I had a cold and took tylenol cold and flu and had the aide effect of sleep deprivation. I was up almost 40 hours when the seizure happened. It lasted 7-8 minutes. I was taken to the hospital and they ran tests and said everything looked fine but in my medical documents from the hospitality stated possible new onset seizure disorder. I do have a follow up with a Neurologist but I am still having this excruciating pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades. It feels like when I bend over something is actually breaking and it moves around to under my breasts. And I am still having mental confusion. Like some things are taking me a few minutes to understand for example and this is so embarrassing but my 7 year old asked me how to spell fairy and I seriously could not even picture in my mind how it was spelt. I seriously could not tell you what the letters were for a good 6 or 7 minutes. I just stood there trying so hard to think how to spell the word and the other night we were craving pumpkins like we do every year and when it came time to take remove certain parts of the stencil to trace the picture on the pumpkin I could not understand. My boyfriend and sister were explaining it to me and I could not get it. I was so upset to the point I cried. I have SVT along with some other health issues. I'm wondering if these things are normal after this long and if so how long does it last? Can someone just have one? If I do have a seizure disorder is it normal for it to surface now at 36?


Hi. My name is Loren. Male 47

Submitted by Loren5 on Wed, 2019-04-10 - 10:57
Hi. My name is Loren. Male 47. I'm here to just try to reach out a little and comunicate with anyone else who has had a non epileptic seizure. I chose this site because the URL seemed legit. I had two or three grad mal seizures when I was 40. I got to ride in a real ambulance! Yay! But seriously...... Condensed version is... My causes were I was 120 pounds overweight. I drank a lot of beer every night. I was binge drinking. Doctor said I didn't have epilepsy. Alcoholic seizure he called it. He put me on a couple antiseizure meds and blood presure meds. I quit drinking and lost 80 pounds and was able to get off the meds. No seizures since. I was experiencing extremely obvious warning signs of the onset of seizures. Migraines, olfactory halucinations (smelling foul odors that weren't there), confusion, episodes of staring and drifting off. Over the last six months, those symptoms are returning but just mildly. I can sense them coming on. It's like a feeling of deja vu. It feels mystical like a dream. I am able to control it if I avoid STRESS. That's my main trigger. That and poor sleep. You must experience stresses. My only advice, not a Dr., is to combat stress and achieve healthy sleep. Not easy, I know. Thanks for reading. Felt good to share. Respond if you want to. If you don't want to respond, I totally understand.

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