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applying for permanent disability

unsure if this is correct forum for this question, but does anyone have any helpful advice, links, to apply for state and federal disability?


I applied for Social Security

Submitted by birdman on Fri, 2018-04-20 - 19:55
I applied for Social Security Disability Income way back in 1991.  I would say be sure to write down everything on how your disability effects you.  And back then I was told that most people who applied got denied the first time their case was reviewed.  But I was encourage to appeal the decision. It was on that second review that I was awarded SSDI.  Keep fighting; denial is part of their process.Years later, after I worked too hard and earned too much money at a  SEARS store I got a letter from SSA that I "no longer qualified for SSDI" because I had proven myself "capable of substantial gainful activity."  To appeal this decision I went to an attorney who did disability cases.  He argued that SSA's decision shouldn't count because I used a six foot step ladder and a utility knife on that job (doctors restrictions were, no sharp objects, power machinery, heights, or driving).  I got back on disability and am no longer going to take chances jeopardizing my disability benefits since my disability better qualifies me for Medicare and Medicaid benefits.  I will always need this for my uncontrolled epilepsy.

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