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Asian American Woman in Academic Setting
Nov 15, 2019
UCB is currently accepting applications for its Family Epilepsy Scholarship ProgramTM. Celebrating 12 years of service, the program helps people living with epilepsy, their family members, and caregivers who are pursuing higher education. 30...
ISAW 2019
Nov 14, 2019
From December 1-7, 2019, a coalition of organizations including the Epilepsy Foundation will mark the fifth annual Infantile Spasms Awareness Week (ISAW). The goal of ISAW is to: Increase awareness and understanding of infantile spasms through the...
Local Office Spotlight
Nov 12, 2019
This month, we are shining a spotlight on Epilepsy Foundation Oregon (EFOR), a local Epilepsy Foundation that serves the more than 43,000 people in Oregon who live with epilepsy and their families. In 2019, EFOR has been hard at work training school...
intravenous (IV) therapy
Nov 4, 2019
One of the fastest growing uses of the ketogenic diet is for the emergency treatment of status epilepticus, which we first profiled in Keto News exactly 10 years ago. The diet is provided in this situation as a formula through a feeding tube for a...
Drug Alert
Nov 4, 2019
For a number of months, people have reported occasional problems getting levetiracetam, known as the brand name Keppra, from their pharmacy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now listing a shortage of generic levetiracetam from a few...

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