Bettyjo Bouchey, Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana, Receives 2018 Sara Stubblefield Advocacy Award

Bettyjo Bouchey accepts advocacy award with her family

Bettyjo Bouchey (holding award) with her family and Richard and Carolyn Stubblefield, parents of the late Sara Stubblefield

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Epilepsy Foundation was pleased to present the 2018 Sara Stubblefield Advocacy Award to Dr. Bettyjo Bouchey during this year’s Public Policy Institute conference. Dr. Bouchey serves on the Board of Advisors for the Epilepsy Foundation Indiana and as one of the State Advocacy Leaders. She is a tireless advocate for the epilepsy community in Indiana.

"Bettyjo has been a dedicated and passionate advocate, not only for her son but for the whole epilepsy community. She has been on the forefront of several state legislative bills and helped legislators understand the impact these laws have on their constituents who live with epilepsy," said Ryan Keys, executive director, Epilepsy Foundation Indiana. "By sharing her son's story, as well as many more from families she has met in her advocacy work, she also helped them understand the variety of ways people are impacted. She has been a blessing for the individuals and families dealing with epilepsy across Indiana."

Bettyjo Bouchey holds Stubblefield Advocacy Award.

Her advocacy was born out of need when her son had his first seizure in 2015 and was later diagnosed with idiopathic primary, generalized epilepsy. She has remained committed to the epilepsy community. Throughout her service, her advocacy has taken her into the boardroom and to the Indiana State legislative floor. In 2018, her advocacy took her to Washington D.C.

Dr. Bouchey’s passion and professionalism were a strong driver for the successful passage of legislation that is paving the way for access to medical cannabis for people living with intractable epilepsy in Indiana.

In accepting the award, Bettyjo said her family has a saying, “If you can, you should.”

If you can, you should

The annual Advocacy Award honors the late Sara Stubblefield, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 36. Sara was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was in high school. She was known for accepting her condition with grace and for never letting it define her. A dedicated advocate for epilepsy education and research, she served for 10 years as epilepsy services coordinator for the Epilepsy Foundation Greater Southern Illinois.

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