Epilepsy Foundation Recognizes Asian Pacific American Heritage Month - May 2016

Asian Pacific American Heritage

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Epilepsy Foundation and our network of local Foundations across the U.S. celebrate with Asian Americans during the month of May. We take pride in joining with Asian Americans to raise awareness, dispel myths, and reduce fear surrounding epilepsy.

The Foundation's ongoing partnership with Asian American health related agencies is aligned with our mission of ensuring that people with epilepsy can have access to care regardless of their age, ethnicity, or cultural background. For example, our continued partnership with the Association of Asian Pacific Community (AAPCHO) has resulted in translated materials about epilepsy in a culturally appropriate format. We now have available brochures in Traditional and Simple Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese available at epilepsy.com/asian-american. Translation into Tagalog is almost final. These materials are key to ensuring that everyone can access information about epilepsy in the Asian American Community. 

In 2016, our effort to increase outreach and awareness to Asian Americans is focused in the following areas: Hawaii, Alabama, the Northwest region, the Greater Chicago area, and the Greater Cincinnati and Columbus region. Local Epilepsy Foundations in these areas are focusing on young adults on college campuses with a goal to reach transition age young Asian Americans and share information about epilepsy. Students on college campus will have an opportunity to attend health fairs, receive general information about epilepsy and seizures, and learn how to recognize seizures, while asking the to share their stories to help reduce misunderstanding and misperceptions associated with epilepsy.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of Asian Americans this year, let us make a commitment to learn how epilepsy impacts the Asian American community and thus help change the lives of all people with epilepsy for the better!

Authored by: Aldith V. Steer MPH on 4/2016

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