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Embrace by Empatica

Embrace:  A Gorgeous Watch Designed to Save Lives!


UPDATE from June 28, 2016

Empatica has created some videos to help users with set up. Read this blog to find the videos and shipping information if you have not received your Embrace yet.

If you haven’t set up your Empatica Account, please do so as soon as possible. Empatica won’t be able to ship the Embrace to you if you do not have an Empatica Account or if your account is not complete and up to date. Learn how to set up your account here. Already created your Empatica Account? Check the status of your order in your Orders Page.

Embrace Clinical Trial

Empatica announced on May 11, 2016, that its clinical trial "Embrace Seizure Characterization" has been approved by the New England Institutional Review Board. The trial will examine the long-term effectiveness of the Embrace Alert System (Embrace watch and Alert app) for detecting and alerting to convulsive seizures. Empatica seeks to better understand the relationship between daily activity, sleep, emotional state, medication adherence, and epilepsy symptoms. These steps are important for earning FDA clearance and Empatica hopes they will help advance scientific progress in the epilepsy research space. Learn more about the trial, shipping, and production.

How’s it going with the beta testing?

Empatica posted a blog on April 7, 2016, with news about the results they've been getting from beta testing. Please read all the way to the end of their blog to find information about manufacturing of the new, non-beta watches that they expect to start shipping in May.

As of March 27, 2016, the Epilepsy Foundation is no longer accepting applications for the Embrace watch by Empatica.

If you submitted an application to the Epilepsy Foundation before March 12, 2016, and have not received confirmation about whether or not it has been approved, then the Foundation is waiting for further information from you to complete the review process. Please call the Epilepsy & Seizures Helpline at 1-800-332-1000 or email with questions.

If you purchased an Embrace or have been approved by the Epilepsy Foundation to receive a donated one, than we encourage you to create an Empatica Account to track its shipment. If you did not receive an email that invited you to create your Empatica Account, visit, insert the same email address you provided with your order or on your application and you will receive an email containing the link to create your account.

If you have questions about Embrace or the Alert app, please contact for assistance. For additional updates, like Empatica on Facebook. To learn more about the Embrace or to find out how to purchase one, visit

Epilepsy News From:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Embrace is a watch that looks great on anyone. It can track your activity, stress and overall balance. It is designed to bring a better lifestyle to people that live with epilepsy: they get an alert when an unusual event happens, like a convulsive seizure, warning them and their loved ones.

Empatica, creators of Embrace, is partnering with the Epilepsy Foundation. Due to the generosity of a group of donors that know Empatica and its mission, 1,500 Embrace watches purchased through the Embrace Indiegogo campaign are being matched 1:1, loaded with the seizure detector app, and donated to the Epilepsy Foundation for distribution to families in need.


  • Applicants (or caregivers) must complete a “Request for an Embrace Watch” that includes information about the applicant’s financial resources.
  • Applicants need a compatible iOS or Android device. Device requirements are available here. Please note that a compatible iOS or Android device can only be connected to one Embrace smartwatch. Therefore, families interested in using multiple Embrace devices for several family members must have a compatible iOS or Android device for each Embrace. In addition, according to Empatica’s website, “Embrace uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with a paired phone or another Embrace. The signal is strongest when the two devices are in close proximity, but with a clear line-of-sight the range can be up to about 20 meters.” Learn more about Embrace Apps. For more information on Embrace’s technology, contact
  • Applicants must have a valid email address.
  • Physician (caring for person with epilepy) must sign the “Request for Embrace Watch” application form.
  • The Epilepsy Foundation will evaluate the applicant’s financial need in accordance to the guidelines of the program. Generally, eligible individuals will have a net income that does not exceed 300% of the federal poverty level (see chart below). The Federal Poverty Level (FPL) is defined as a uniform measure of income that is adjusted for inflation and released every year by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Unusual circumstances may be considered in determining eligibility.
Family Size 100% of Federal
Poverty Level (FPL)
300% of FPL
(eligible if net
income does
not exceed this amount)
1 $11,670 $35,010
2 $15,730 $47,190
3 $19,790 $59,370
4 $23,850 $71,550
5 $27,910 $83,730
6 $31,970 $95,910

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Embrace work for me (or the person with epilepsy I care for)?

Contact Empatica at with questions about the specifications and functionality of Embrace.

Will all applicants receive an Embrace watch?

Applications for Embrace were fulfilled on a first come, first served basis and according to eligibility guidelines. The Epilepsy Foundation is no longer accepting applications. To learn more about the Embrace or to find out how to purchase one, visit

Will I be notified as to whether or not my request for Embrace has been approved?

Yes, applicants will be contacted within two weeks of their application submission.

Once you are approved, Empatica will contact you when they are ready to process your order. Please do not email Empatica with your color and size requests.

If my application is approved, when will Embrace be mailed to me?

In February 2016, Empatica began shipping the Embrace to the first Indiegogo "beta customers." They expect to take 4 weeks to verify that everything is holding well. After that, they will begin shipping at a rate of several hundred units per week.

The Epilepsy Foundation urges you to create an Empatica Account to check the status of your order. If you don’t find the email that invited you to create your Empatica Account, go to, insert the same email address you used to apply and you will receive an email containing the link to create your account. Through your orders page of the Empatica Account you can always check the status of your order.

Can I participate in a Research Program or Clinical Trial for Embrace?

Empatica is unable to connect people to trials for Embrace at this time. However, if you're interested in participating in a research program, you may sign up for Empatica’s newsletter on their website


Matteo Lai, co-founder and CEO of Empatica Inc., gives an update on Embrace at the February 2016 Epilepsy Foundation Pipelin Conference in San Francisco


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