Business Advisory Board

The Business Advisory Board is composed of leaders in the life-sciences and finance world with experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, investment banking, venture capital and financial management industries. The BAB members assess grant and investment opportunities and provide advice and direction to support the commercialization of new therapies. The BAB members also work with the SAB and the Board in setting strategic direction to guide the organization and our programs.


  • Elizabeth Garofalo, MD
    EAG Pharma Consulting LLC


  • Enrique Carrazana, MD
    Board of Directors
    Marinus Pharmaceuticals
  • Daniel Fischer, MBA
    Program Director, Office of Corporate Relations
    Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Frank Fischer
    President & CEO
    NeuroPace, Inc.
  • Wasim Malik
    Managing Partner
    Iaso Ventures

  • Daniel J. O'Connell, MBA
    Founder and Managing Partner
    NeuroVentures Capital LLC

  • Sandra Panem, PhD
    Neuro Networks Fund

  • Kiran Reddy, MD
    President & Director
    Praxis Precision Medicines

  • Nancy Santilli BSN, MSN
    Global Managing Director
    Human Care Systems
  • Rosemarie Truman
    Founder and CEO
    The Center for Advancing Innovation
on Friday, February 04, 2022


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