Affirmations by Ken L., Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania Studio E Program

Studio E is an art program of the Epilepsy Foundation that offers people with epilepsy the chance to …

  • Express themselves and manage stress or challenges in a multi-week, group art setting
  • Connect with local Epilepsy Foundations that offer Studio E
  • Work with an art leader who will encourage freedom of expression and open sharing
  • Create artistic pieces using a variety of mediums, such as painting, sketching, collaging, and sculpting
  • Strengthen their artistic voice
  • Learn from and socialize with others affected by seizures in an open, welcoming, and creative environment
  • Raise awareness about the realities of living with epilepsy. Many people have displayed their art at national health and medical meetings, as well as local events.

Watch as Dr. Joseph Sirven, editor-in-chief of, talks about Studio E at the 2016 Epilepsy Pipeline Community Day.

Why art programs for epilepsy?

  • Artistic expression can be powerful for people with epilepsy. Art can say things that words can’t.
  • Art programs use a variety of approaches to enhance coping, confidence, and stress management
  • “Through the process, I discovered a lot of talent and passion in myself that I didn’t even know existed," said a Studio E participant
The Demon Within
The Demon Within by Ian M., Epilepsy Foundation Chesapeake Region Studio E Program

Who is it for?

  • For anyone with epilepsy at any stage of their epilepsy journey
  • For people who are self-confident and those who may be struggling with confidence, coping, and other challenges
  • For people who want a unique way to open up, meet others and socialize, and learn new ways of coping with and enjoying life

What are the benefits of Studio E?

Begun in 2011, Studio E is now a national, sustaining program. In 2014, initial outcomes of the Studio E program were presented at the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting. This study looked at the impact of Studio E on a person’s quality of life and self-esteem.

  • 67 people from 9 Studio E programs, ages 20 to 80, participated in the study
  • Significant improvements in self-esteem were found in people who were part of the study including:
    • Feelings of self worth and respect
    • Ability to do things as well as most other people

Studio E programs also help raise awareness about living with epilepsy. Local Epilepsy Foundation programs partner with or sponsors to spread news about the program and how to get involved.

Results from the Studio E program offer the best way to show the benefits of art programs.

Visit the American Art Therapy Association website for more information on art therapy.

Diversity Tree
Diversity Tree by Damali, Epilepsy Foundation Michigan Studio E Program
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