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Community Day Goes Virtual & Nationwide

Where are you on your epilepsy journey? Are you trying to get to seizure control? Are you facing a new challenge? Are you ready to get involved and advocate?

Wherever you are on your journey, you are not alone. Our virtual Community Day, Innovation & Action to END EPILEPSY®, is for you.

Organized by, and for, people affected by epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation is offering this conference to support you and your loved ones on your epilepsy journey. 

This year, we are taking our 2020 Community Day virtual and nationwide for everyone! This year’s free event – Innovation & Action to END EPILEPSY – offers a day of latest updates and a chance to connect with others affected by epilepsy, healthcare providers, and the Epilepsy Foundation.  

“Innovation” and “Action” are two sides of a coin in the quest to END EPILEPSY. Innovation crosses all aspects of our lives and how we drive improvement in quality of life and research for people with epilepsy. Action is how we embrace, enact, and embody that innovation to END EPILEPSY. Both are key to overcoming the challenges of epilepsy and finding the best care and, ultimately, cures.  

Join us virtually on August 29, 2020

Join us to learn more about what’s new in epilepsy treatments, genetics, how you get involved with the Epilepsy Foundation, and how we can take action together to END EPILEPSY. You can choose and join the sessions that matter to you.

Topics covered include: 

If you want to hear from epilepsy experts and others living with epilepsy, this event is for you!

Registration is Now Open - Registration closing on August 28 at 3:00pm ET

This event is free to attend but we would appreciate a donation if you enjoy the program

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Times are eastern time (ET).

Welcome and Introduction – 11:00-11:10 A.M.

  • Jon Scheinman, Director of Youth Programs, Epilepsy Foundation
  • Laura Thrall, President & CEO, Epilepsy Foundation

Understanding the Epilepsies & What’s Next in Epilepsy Treatment – 11:10-11:55 A.M.

  • Charles Kilbourne, MPA, Board Member, Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California
  • David Ficker, MD, Neurologist, University of Cincinnati Health
  • Jacqueline French, MD, Chief Medical and Innovation Officer, Epilepsy Foundation  

Genes and Epilepsy: Understanding the Basics – 11:55 A.M.-12:40 P.M.

  • Shannon Abdul Wahab, Executive Director, Epilepsy Foundation Orange County
  • Elaine Wirrell, MD, Director of Pediatric Epilepsy, Mayo Clinic and Co-Editor in Chief of
  • Kim Nye, TESS Research Foundation, President and Co-Founder

Wellness Break by the Wellness Institute – 12:40-12:45 P.M.

Telemedicine: How We Got Here and What’s Next – 12:45-1:30 P.M.

  • Sue Herman, MD, Director of Epilepsy Program, Barrow Neurological Institute
  • Charuta Joshi, MD, Pediatric Neurologist, Children’s Hospital Colorado

SUDEP: Knowledge is Power – 1:30-2:15 P.M.

  • Sally Schaeffer, Senior Director SUDEP Institute, Epilepsy Foundation
  • Sam Lhatoo, MD, Director, Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, UT Health
  • Victor and Libby Boyce, The Cameron Boyce Foundation

Wellness Break by the Wellness Institute – 2:15-2:25 P.M.

Cannabidiol: Making Informed Choices – 2:25-3:10 P.M.

  • Freeman and Leanna Dando, TSU representative for the Central & South Texas office
  • Anup Patel, MD, Section Chief of Pediatric Neurology, Nationwide Children’s 
  • Abbey Roudebush, Senior Manager of Government Relations and Advocacy, Epilepsy Foundation

Getting Involved and Making Change – 3:10-3:55 P.M.

  • Jon Scheinman, Director of Youth Programs, Epilepsy Foundation
  • Britt Dorfman, Government Relations and Grassroots Associate, Epilepsy Foundation
  • Miles Levin, Filmmaker

Closing Remarks – 3:55-4:00 P.M.

  • Jon Scheinman, Director of Youth Programs, Epilepsy Foundation

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