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The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s Epilepsy program tracks epilepsy, seizures, risk factors, co-occurring conditions and access to care through surveys and research; partners with epilepsy organizations like the Epilepsy Foundation to promote prevention, raise awareness and reduce stigma; supports trainings for health care providers, schools, law enforcement and others to recognize seizures and deliver the right care; and connects people with epilepsy to programs that teach self-management skills and improve emotional health. The CDC’s Epilepsy program is funded every year through the congressional appropriations process.


In Federal Fiscal Year 2022, the Foundation is urging Congress to provide $13 million for the CDC’s Epilepsy program. 


In the final FY 2021 spending bill, Congress provided $10.5 million for the CDC Epilepsy program. Congress has started working on the FY 2022 spending bill. In July 2021, the House of Representatives approved a recommended increase of $2.5 million (for a total of $13 million) for the CDC Epilepsy program, but we are still awaiting Senate action on the spending bill and it will therefore be awhile until the final funding level for 2022 is known.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021