1. How do I sign in to epilepsy.com?
    • If you have an epilepsy.com username and password, just click on the sign-in icon and get started!
    • If you are new to epilepsy.com, click on the sign-in icon and create a unique username and password. Previous users of www.epilepsyfoundation.org will need to create a unique username and password for the site.
    • You can also sign in using a social media log-in username and password. Social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are accepted for epilepsy.com.
  2. What happens when I use one of my social media accounts to log in to epilepsy.com?
    • You can share articles or posts from epilepsy.com to your social media account more easily. This helps spread the word about epilepsy and seizures to more people!
    • You can also choose not to share your posts to your social media – it’s up to you. Just make sure you click on the share tool each time you post.
    • You don't need to remember a different username and password.
  3. Do I have to sign in just to read articles on epilepsy.com?
    • No, you can read many of the articles without being logged on. However, there may be some pages and features that are available only for registered users.
    • You can only comment on articles, post in the Community Forums, or use the Chat Room if you are signed in to the site.
  4. How can I connect with others on epilepsy.com?
    • Comment on articles to share your reactions and insights or to ask questions.
    • Use the Community Forums to share experiences, give feedback and support, or tell your story.
    • Chat in real time with others.
    • Join our Hallway Conversations! These are usually "listen" only, but from time to time live chats or podcasts may be scheduled.
  5. How can I comment on articles?
    • Most pages will have a response section at the bottom of the page. Sign into the site first to post a comment.
    • Just write in your comment, feedback or opinion. Click the + to follow responses to your comment.
    • Like the article by clicking on the up or down thumbs.
    • Share the article to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn - just click on the icons.
    • Subscribe to the article by clicking on the RSS or Subscribe links. You’ll be notified when someone else responds to your comment or posts a comment on the article.
  6. How do I find the Community Forums?
    • Make sure you are signed into the site.
    • Click on the Connect menu on the right side of the top purple bar.
    • On the left hand side, you’ll find a list of Community Forums and the latest Posts.
    • Browse through the topics and click on the ones you want to read and comment on. You can jump into a specific forum topic and respond to a post, or create your own discussion topic or post.
    • Responding to forums is the same as responding to articles. You can choose to share the post on your social media accounts, follow replies and subscribe to the thread.
  7. How can I use the Chat Room?
    • First of all, you don’t need to have any special addons or java enabled. The chat is usable from any device – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
    • Make sure you are signed into the site.
    • Click on the Connect menu on the right side of the top purple bar.
    • Click on the blue Chat Online box and the chat room will open up.
    • Once in the Chat Room Lobby, you’ll see a few different room names. Go in any one you want!
      • EpiTalk is the main room for talking about seizures and epilepsy experiences and connecting with others.
      • Visit the Corner Booth if EpiTalk is busy or you want to chat about non-epilepsy things.
      • Other rooms can be created for specific groups of people or about certain topics. You can talk about any of these things in EpiTalk too, but if you want a place just for your interest, try one of the rooms. For example, we made a couple others to get started:
        • Surgery (for people who want to talk with others about surgery for epilepsy)
        • Parents and IS (for parents of children with infantile spasms or Tuberous Sclerosis)
        • LGS and Caregivers (for parents or other caregivers of people with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome)
      • If you want a new room created, just look for one of the admins on the site or post a comment in the "Epilepsy.com Help Forum." For example, if you involved with an Epilepsy Foundation affiliate and want to meet with others in your area at a specific time or day, you can use a chat room to meet digitally!
  8. When I open up epilepsy.com, the pictures seem too large and I have to scroll down too far to find things. What should I do?
    • The size of www.epilepsy.com can be changed to look right for any size device.
    • Usually it sets to the proper size automatically, depending on what device you are using – PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
    • If it doesn't reset automatically, your browser settings may need to be adjusted. Click on the browser tab that says View. Adjust the size of the page by zooming in or out.
  9. How can I find an Epilepsy Foundation Affiliate in my area?
    • There are several ways to get started, such as:
      • Click on FIND US IN YOUR AREA to the right of the sign-in icon,
      • Under the GET HELP menu, click on Find Your Local Epilepsy Foundation, or
      • Click on the CONNECT menu in the purple bar. Then click on the map of the United States in the carousel at the top of the page and the Find an Affiliate tab will open.
    • The next step is to select your state in the drop down box or enter your Zip Code and you'll get a listing of affiliates near you.
  10. I was just diagnosed with seizures and don’t know where to start. What can I do?
    • Look for the New to Epilepsy and Seizures box/icon in the middle of the homepage or near the bottom of other pages.
    • Click on the arrow and you’ll find key information to help you get started.
    • Then go the LEARN menu and start browsing around!
  11. How do I find out about research that’s being done in epilepsy?
    • Look for the green colored box/icon titled Our Research and Impact – Accelerating New Therapies in the middle of the homepage or near the bottom of other pages.
    • Click on the arrow and you’ll find information about the Foundation’s research programs, how to apply if you’re a researcher, how to participate in clinical trials or studies if you’re living with epilepsy, and much more!
  12. Where can I learn about the Epilepsy Foundation?
    • Look for the purple colored box/icon titled About the Foundation – Dare to Defy Seizures in the middle of the homepage or near the bottom of other pages.
    • Click on the arrow and find pages to learn about the mission, principles, leadership, careers, and contact information for the Foundation.
    • If you are a member of the media, make sure to check out the For the Media.
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