Strange febrile seziures??

My 17mo has had five complex febrile seziures within 5 months. She has had two up to eight within 4 hours of each other resulting in over 19 seziures. Her last seziure last week was strange bc she was laying in her crib an I heard her saying Wha Wha Wha Wha really fast a's if she was stuck on repeat, I ran to her and saw that she was having a seziure. This is strange bc she has a 10 month speech delay and only says mama dada ( babbling not calling us mama dada) when I told her pedi he said she has never heard of a child saying defined sounds while having a seziure. However I'm 100% sure she was doing that bc it sounded like she was saying woha woha woha really quickly. When she has seziures her eyes go up and to the right an she does not shake or jerk. She just goes limp and unresponsive a leg muscle will twitch some times along with her head when the seziures go over 5 mins. She has an eeg on thurseday. Has anyone heard of a child making repeatitive sounds while having a seziure? Like I said she can not make this sound now only when she had the last seziure...