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I am on 900mg trileptal generic and been doing very well.I am concerned about these extreme bouts of rage.Where do they fit in the picture.Are they related to a seizure or just another side effect of medication or symptom of left tle?I am on a slow burn of anger all the time but I try to hide it from my kids.Every once in a while it erupts-I smash sweepers when they dont pick up what i want them to and I throw stuff out windows and follow up by busting it up.Its never directed at people-only things although I do scream and yell at offending people and have been told I am hateful,but I generally control that.Although i have a corroborating eeg and classical symptoms,they could only catch on VEEG what they call a paroxysmal nes.With my meds I know longer have hallucinations and I dont feel on the brink of madness and Im not misplacing time so I feel like Im doing pretty good except for this.Dont feel like my psychologist is of any help and went off my celexa months ago-it was worthless-Im not a big fan of the "soft sciences"


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I am on lamital and topmax generic and have the same anger and rage issues.  Im not sure if it is a side effect from meds or not but it does seem that way. Dont feel like your alone!!!  I have a friend that requested her doc to change her AED meds for the same reason.

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my epileptologist from cleveland clinic is more interested in the fact the seizures are under control than any side effects.Cost me a small fortune in childcare at the last VEEG with no episodes and I cant afford that again.

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I have taken several anti-seizure meds in my day and I would have to say that they are hard on your liver. Your liver has to process all the medicines you take. Whether or not the anger or rage has anything to do with your seizures I can't say. What I can recommend to you is that you try acupuncture to address the anger and rage issues. Acupuncture can help with side effects of medications and can be therapeutically used to balance emotions. It can be expensive though and since insurance is weird about covering it you might consider finding a community acupuncture clinic by using the community acupuncture network and/or going to to find a local teaching clinic at one of the local acupuncture colleges near you. Here you can find cheaper acupuncture because it is not spa or boutique acupuncture. You might also consider chinese herbs as these can also be prescribed and are inexpensive. If you like peppermint tea you might trying researching that and incorporating it into your diet especially if you feel angry, stressed, etc...Essential Oil of Lavender can also be helpful. I keep expecting western doctors to be more compassionate and less scientific than they are. They are scientists though. Talk therapy can be helpful for some people. Sometimes its the alternative therapies that work or make the day to day life doable.

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Acupuncture is a good idea.  The acupunture points turn out to be nerve meridia anyway.  I think there's a lot to it.

Getting it payed for is a turkey shoot.  It's like getting the insurance company to pay for a Chiropractor.  Some do, some don't, and some "it depends."

What you say about the liver is correct for most, but not all, medications.  Neurontin (Gabapentin) and Keppra (Levitiracetam) are two notable exceptions.  They are excreted mostly unchanged via the kidneys and dosages need to be adjusted for renal, but not hepatic impairment if I remember correctly. 

I'd look it up, but I've got a terrible headache and just discovered that the idiots who run the joint where I'm staying cut the breaker on the circuit I have my heatr plugged into.  (Long story, read my blog if you're interested.)

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Doublecheckmd says "Trileptal may cause aggressive/violent behavior."

According to "Trileptal can affect your state of mind and cause trouble concentrating, memory loss, mood swings, nervousness and slowed thinking."

I think it's safe to say, it's the side effect of the med.

Hope this helps.    Phylis Feiner Johnson

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I had taken Trileptal for about a week before I almost killed myself. I just went nuts. That is the only med of all I have tried that got me to go that far. Most of the meds I have taken have some kind of side effect some worse than others.

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Trileptal is extremely depressing.  It also causes fear.  A lot of the AEDs can do this.  It depends on your individual phsyiological vulnerabilities.

I'm very glad it was almost.  I was on Trileptal for five or six years and had a terrible time.  It's safe to say that the Trileptal ruined my health and took the rest of my life along with it.  I'm alive, but I'm very ill.  I'm grateful to be alive though.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

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I don't take the same medication as you. I take 800mg carbamazepine a day and 250mg of Topamax. I just posted on another sight asking women if I was a nutcase. I went from demure, petite 42 year old mom and new granny to a freak on my periods. I don't know if it's the new 400mg's of carb I take a day plus the extra 100 mg of Topamax added on top of the regular dose on my period or a type of angry, disturbing seizure.

My husband of 23 years knows not to approach me now. Let me freak and hit the floor. It ends on it's own as quickly as it starts. He tried to help me and in some fog, he frightened me and I punched him. I feel terrible. If epilepsy isn't bad enough, I hit my best friend in the mouth and I don't know why. I jumped on my best friend and punched him. Then semi-lost consciousness. Wow...

Too much drugs?? Not enough drugs??  Tonic clonic woman reaches all time, never before new low.

Please tell me why, somebody. Why??

I ment for this to go to the bottom of YOUR thread. My sincere apologies.

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Thats how my TLE was partially diagnosed this year by my intense anger and rage, especially around my periods and often directed at my partner.  I would go insane and take something he had said into something completely out of context and go nuts with it.  It was initially thought I had Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, so I was sent to a psychiatrist who straight away after hearing my history and symptoms was sure it was Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, which then meant all the tests etc and a nuerologist who "thinks" she is right as all tests were normal except my EEG which showed a slight abnormality.

I think like mentioned above rather than the anger it was the fact that my brain just felt like it was spinning so fast and I couldnt get my partner to understand why I was feeling the way I did, that I would just explode.

At work I tried so hard to control it but often I would need to go to the toilets for some time out as otherwise would find myself arguing with a co worker.

This all happend before medication!

Now that I have started meds I still feel the confusion, my head spinning and the anger rising but I am able to control it more, having said that I do know that some meds can do this to you as well.  I initially started on Valproate and Efexor for anxiety, now they are changing me over to Tegretol CR as I started to go backwards with my seizures.  I'm still in transition from one to the other so hopefully it will go well.

So I think someone stated this below as well but you are probably experiencing both!

Good luck Dot

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Effexor is not for anxiety.  It is an anti-depressant and causes anxiety as a very common side effect.  I don't know anyone who could tolerate it for long.  It also is a huge seizure risk.

Depakote is a new formulation of a very old, well-tested med.  I do not believe that it is especially effective for TLE, although it greately reduced my sensitivity to photic induced seizures.  It did nothing else and the side effects caused me to have to discontinue it. 

I was up in toxic range with my idiot shrink insisting I take even more even though it wasn't working and just making me sick.  I put my foot down and said no.  If I can ever get to a neuro, I may ask about a low dose adjunct to the Keppra even though I hate the stuff, but I have to lower my seizure risk.  I'll have to see.

I also used the running to the bathroom trick at the office.  It's a good one.  Discretion is the better part of valor.

Hashem was looking after you!  A psychiatrist who diagnosed epilepsy!  Wow.  I had epileptiform activity on my EEG and baseline LTL wave slowing with spikes and all the neuros at Montefiore would do is tell me about my "complicated psychiatric condition."  Huh?

If you are getting brand name Tegretol CR you are blessed, once again.  Tegretol and Trileptal are the gold standards for TLE.  Unfortunately, the hyponatremia and allergies make them impossible for me to take.  The Trileptal actually could have worked if I were not at toxic levels and not suffering from hyponatremia.

Now I'm stuck with Keppra.  I hate it, but it keeps me alive.  I'd be in status epilepticus without it and then I'd be dead.  I prefer being sick.  I'd prefer being well.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

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Re: anger and rage


It could be the med, it could be the szs, it could be both.

Also, it only feels like rage.  If you realy analyse it, it feels like your brain is going to explode, but you're not really angry because there's nothing to be angry about.  It's just "stupid brain tricks."

We learn to interpret certain sensations as emotions, but that doesn't mean they are.  I had to learn to figure out am I anxious because I have a stomach ache or do I have a stomach ache because I'm anxious?

See what I mean?  If you can figure that out you can get a handle on this "rage" thing.  Understanding the source can get it from a serious problem to a manageable one.

Still, it's something you need to tell your doctor.  If your head feels that bad, you've got a problem.  I know with me, the "rage" was from seizures, most of them medication induced.  I stilll get the "rage" seizures, but now I understand I'm not angry, I just feel like my brains are about to blow.

I'm getting much better about not blowing up in response to it.  If I'm in public and I think I'm gonna have a problem, I just let peope know I'm not feeling well and apologise in advance.  It helps in case I mess up.  You don't have to say you're having a seizure.  I use low blood sugar as an explanation.  It happens to be true because I have a problem with low blood sugar and it makes me seize.

I'm sure you have something you can use and still be truthful.  Talk to your doc.  Exploding brains are not a good thing.  If you are taking 450mgs twice a day you might want to ask your doc about taking 300mgs every eight hours.  It keeps the med levels more stable and you might even be able to reduce the dose slightly.  You'd have to be monitored.

Also, is there a pattern to the "rages?"  Do they happen at certain times of the day or in certain circumstances?  Try to keep track.  This will help you and your docs figure out what the problem is.  It's not something we should have to live with because it is a sign that something is wrong.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

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Anger and rage could be a side effect of your medication, but  it could also be a seizure trigger.  It's important that your neurologist is aware of this.  Perhaps he can help you with your feelings.  Some AED's cause these feelings, other times they're caused by the seizure disorder.

It's imperative that you keep a calendar of these feelings, so your neurolgist can be aware of what is going on.  Also, make sure to keep your menstrual periods on the seizure diary.  

Please make sure he is aware of this, so you can adjust to these feelings.

Good luck!

T. Cameron