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Vitamin D?

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Has anyone tried Vitamin D for their seizures, or anything? My chiropractor told me to take it.  I was pretty skeptical since it seems almost every vitamin can be related to epilepsy, but I do feel better overall, although I have no way of knowing if it's done anything for seizure control since that's very unpredictable with me.




My neurologist told me to take vitamin D. She did not tell my why I need to. She also told me to take magnesium. I don't think this is because of any blood work, I don't think I am deficiant in any of it.

Well, some drugs are known to cause a deficiency, she could know you are taking one that does. Interesting neurologist, most don't tell you take viamins.

Some seizure meds can deplete vitamin D.  There also just seems to be a problem with many people not getting/having enough.  My level was tested, and I had almost none in my blood.  Now I take 4,000 units a day. I am not recommending this to anyone.  It takes a long time for a level to rise after it has been depleted.  This is something to discuss with your doctor.

This is not to stop seizures, and I don't know anything about that.  D is necessary for good immune function, as well as many other things.

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