Medication and Pregnancy?



This is my first time on this site and I am searching for so many answers. I am 28 years old and planning to have children. I have left temprol lobe damage and from an accident I had when I was 12. I then had my first seizure about 6months after that. 


I am now on Sodium Valproate 600mg a day. I am aware that this drug can cause malformations to a baby? I am curious about other peoples experiences being pregnant and what meds you where on that work and did not affect your baby? This is such a big decision, idealy I would prefer to be on no drugs at all but I dont want my baby hurt either. I have Complex patial seizures, stress and lack of sleep are the two triggers to my seizure. I also have auras prior to a seizure so I am aware when they will occur and can usually control it by just going to sleep....


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Amy :)