Diagnose me already!

Frustration has set in. I have complex partial seizures, shown on EEG July 2013. The test showed the seizure when drowsy, while sleeping, and when awakening. Meds are not helping enough. I've been a supervisor in ultrasound for 4 years and nearly finished with my bachelors degree. I was getting ready to lose my job because is "poor performance like slow scanning causing patients to wait too long".   DUH!  Having seizures makes it quite difficult to work all day in fluorescent lights, staring at a computer screen, and staring up to an hour or more at an ultrasound screen that has a moving image constantly and trying to distinguish between the minute different shades of grey to be able to find abnormalities in the patients. Yep I've slowed down. That's a human life in my care. Anyway, I am so bad that I cannot work anymore. The last EEG was in February and showed normal activity per the Neurologist. Because that EEG was normal, he won't actually out the diagnosis of "Epilepsy" in my chart. Simply "change in altered mental status".  Now I'm trying to get disability but even though he says he will support me I cannot get it without a diagnosis of Epilepsy I'm told. I'm in medication #6 or 7 and I'm struggling so bad with little improvement. I was zoning out while typing reports and would come back to earth and find that I had typed a strange work in my report to he once I had typed "potateos". I guess I spell bad when I'm out too cuz that an in or rest spelling potatoes. Lol. Anyway this was occurring frequently and that's why I got help last summer. So what is missing here that keeps him from diagnosing this as epilepsy???  I have seizures everyday, multiple times per day. Please help me know what to do next:(