I am seeing a neurologist, on the urging of my GP, to evaluate me for possible migralepsy.  I've suffered from what My neurologists thought were migraines with aura since I was 13.  Several years ago, I had one gran mal seizure during a migraine episode, I was taking lyrica for migraine at the time so the neurologist ruled out a seizure disorder.  He thought my seizure was due to awful health caused by that episode of chronic migraine.  I have not had a gran mal since.  I was hit with a debilitating bout of chronic migraine last summer.  This series presented with a bright colored aura for the first time, yet I had no "seizures," I thought.  I was a high dose of lamotrigine for depression at that time, however not during previous episodes of chronic migraine.  I'm worried I may have been misdiagnosed all these years.  

There is so much conflicting info on the net, some say migralepsy is overdosed and visa versa.  

Is there anyone out there who knows how migralepsy seizures present?  Do they cause memory loss?  I have not had an EEG, but my MRI's and CT scans show no lesions...not that this type of imaging helps.  I'm hoping the neurologist will order an EEG in order to rule out anything sinister.  What kind of questions should I expect from my neurologist?  I want to be prepared as he is always late and hurried.

In advance, thank you for any information.