Having Trouble Coping.....

New to this Forum. I am sorry I know this is a long post.

I'll be turning 25 in a couple weeks. I had my first seizure (that I know of), when I was 16. I have nocturnal epilepsy (Grand-Mal), and I hadn't had a seizure in a year and a half to two years. Any EEG's I have ever had have not shown anything. I have only had 1 seizure out of bed, I must have gotten up to go to the bathroom and my parents found me on the bathroom floor.

Anyways, this is up until 2 months ago...

Stress is a big trigger for me. It happened again... Again it was in the washroom in the middle of the night. This one was different though, I have this foggyness when I think about it, like I can remember being on the bathroom floor and trying to move but I had this overwhelming feeling of being helpless, but I have no picture in my mind when I think about it. I then faintly remember laying on the couch and then disoriented I walked to bed and layed down. I woke up still disoriented (no idea if I even slept, just know I got up again at some point), saw a bit of blood on the carpet so went to go clean it up and noticed things out of place that would have indicated I tried to pull myself up by the towel bar. I then noticed my tongue chewed and I had huge lumps on my head and big red mark above my eyebrow (I've never hurt myself but my tongue and sore muscles before).

Found out I gave myself a concussion and developed post concussion syndrome (headaches and tired manly). I had an EEG 2 days after the seizure (coincidence it was already scheduled) and another a month ago, was told they both showed the same activity (which nothing has ever shown anything before), the first one was 2 days after the seizure so that is more understandable but the Neuro said the 2nd one showing would be weird unless I had another one.

So as I mentioned, it has been 2 months. I can't shake this one, and I haven't felt like this before. Like I can't let it go. After research and forums I have discovered that these weird dizzy odd spells that I have gotten my whole life, are auras. This scares me and the fact I am now hurting myself.

I'm scared. Anyone else just feel like a switch was flipped after a seizure and your suddenly scared and having trouble coping?