There are people out here having issues when we are trying to post comments to peoples questions. What is happening??? Have there been any changes to the site?

The sites shows me as signed in and yet when I make a comment it will not post the comment using my "just_joe" name. It requires me to use my facebook account or linked in account or other account or a guest account. Another person that is having problems is "mereloaded" who also answers posts.

There is her post from a few days ago. I commented on it and yes she is having issues with other things coming up.

What will it take to get us back or let us post using our name on this site?

Will I have to go farther up the chain like to executive appeals office with EFA?

Why isn't there a section on here that can be used to get information or at least a number to call where we can get answers or send questions when things like this happen. This is not the first day I have been having issues posting comments. This has been happening for about 5 days now. While I do have a facebook and linked in accounts I do not really want to use those to comment on posts here.

I would love to see an answer to this issue and I also expect to see one today.

With all the technology we have today why isn't there a place to post issues we have or problems we think we may have which might resolve issues like this before they come up?

Why when I used a guest name does that name show up when I try to post and don't want to post using linked in for facebook?