sister diagnosed w/ nocturnal seizures

hello all...

my 15 year old sister was recently diagnosed (its been a few months...i honestly cant think of what month or day...seems like too long...) with what they think is nocturnal epilepsy with different types of seizures. theyre still running tests and messing with her medication. but theyve seem to be happening a little more frequent lately. i witnessed her have one just the other day and it became all too real for me. i am honestly scared to death. and her being a teenager its even harder. she wants privacy and crap. i bought her a baby monitor so my mom can hear her through the night... shes pretty upset...

im scared of her.... not making it through the night. that was the hardest thing to type. its just all too new to us. so i fear the worst and i tend to do too much research and find the "worst case scenarios".

this is a long post...i know...i guess all im looking for is emotional support from experienced people. and maybe things to look for, what to look out for, tips all that stuff...

thank you