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Hi everyone, 

The chat room seems to be off line right now - July 19. Please bear with us - improvements are being made to the chat and forums which may be contributing to it being off line...

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I am an epileptic programmer myself and came up with a idea for a computer program to keep track of things like medication and seizures keeping track of time, length of seizure, severity and any...

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I had a grand mal two months ago. It was the first in many years, and the first that my three children witnessed. Before I blacked out I asked one of them to call 911. This caused them to sob...

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It's been a year or so since I've looked around here.  It's changed here a lot.  I have the E. Partial Seizures.  I take 3 pills.  Vimpat, Keppra, and Topamax.  I hate the topamax.  Last night I...

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Free chat rooms is a place where people conect each other and talking each other. It's a  great point on internet people can enjoy free chat rooms...

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Testing for Dangerous Infrasound radiation, whole body pathology is needed day and night 24/7 !

You can at least try Hyperbaric chamber treatments to stop the whole body pathology and brain...

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My 10 yr old son was recently diagnosed with a seizure disorder. It took a year and a new neurologist to figure out what was going on. He was experiencing absence seizures. It started out as...

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Anyone experienced this? i'm pretty sure i had one last night and well today i'm in the worst mood i just snap at anyone, the smallest things annoy me.

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Hello Everyone!

In honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month, I have created a facebook page
strictly dedicated to epilepsy awareness. It is called "Seize My
Epilepsy". I don't have...

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Having 3-5 Gran-Mal seizures weekly, uncontrolled and having been on various medications and VNS, I am going to try to moderate a chat here from 12-2 EST and 10-12am EST when I can in the Our...

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Magic mushrooms have always been favored by some drug users. Now, one study finds that the same mushrooms might have utilizes in psychotherapy. The study found that religious participants that...

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I had severe ear pain (both ears) in the morning the day before I had my third Grand Maul seizure. The pain spread down from behind my ear, down behind my jaw, and was swollen, like my glands...

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swimming safety

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swimming safety

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I just signed up here,I was wondering if anyone uses chat rooms.I prefer it to waiting or coming back later for replies.

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Go to the link below and tell Governor Christie of NJ to let children suffering from seizures to have to option of trying medical marijuana.


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I was diagnosed with JME a little over and month and a half ago. My neurologist said I can't drive for 6 months (based on the province's laws that say you have to be seizure free for 6 months). I...

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Hi everyone, Im a 16 year old girl who does not personally have epilepsy, but in saying that, my dad has been diagnosed with epilepsy for around 8 years now, so it has always been a part of my...