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We wanted to share our find we have  found this monitor system that is made in uk and you can order through , Its a monitor that lets...

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I am about to have my 7 yr old daughter's ARD at school.  She is attending a new school this year and I'd like to hand the staff that will be working with her something they can watch on seizure...

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I hope this helps somebody.   I know these kinds of posts spread like wildfire, so he may already be taken.  I hope he can find a home where he can put his skills to work.

 If you can...

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I hope this helps somebody.   I know these kinds of posts spread like wildfire, so he may already be taken.  I hope he can find a home where he can put his skills to work.

 If you can...

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So I was looking up info on the relationship between the thyroid and epilepsy or thyroid issues vs epilepsy and came across this very interesting study that talks about people who consumed larger...

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World of Possibilities!
disAbilities, Healthy Aging, and...

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Can anyone find some pretty pill box key chains? I've found some pill box key chains at Rite Aid but they are ugly metal things. I want something cute and discrete like a lady bug shaped pill box...

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Just waned to let everybody know that Trileptal is available in a GENERIC version
FDA site

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We have a 23 year old daughter who has CP and seizure disorder, we would like very much to purchase a Cycle Tote so that we can all go bikeriding as a family. She is 4'7" and weighs...

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Just moved from East Coast to Chicago and am in search of a new Neurologist. I am in my mid thirties with seizures under control with help from depakote. Any suggestions?

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This information will be of interest to people who live in Canada. There is a conference happening in Vancouver on Living Well with Epilepsy. It is being sponsored by The Canadian League Against...

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Over 50 versions of this amazing book. Use the searchable toolbar/free/.

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Greetings everyone,

Come join the UCB Pharma
Epilepsy Awareness Stroll

Saturday November 10, 2007
Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, Virginia

The Reston Epilepsy Awareness...

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Does anyone know anything about the new device called the neuropace? I know it is like a pacemaker of the heart; it shocks your brain when it sees the abnormal brain waves. But other than that,...

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Hello. I just wanted to share a great site I found. It offers free medical ID cards that you can fill out and print at home. My daughters medications are constantly changing, so we have never...

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does anyone know where i can find the top 100 list? i have googled it and can't find anything. my son is in desperate need of a doctor who knows what the heck they are talking about. i don't care...

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Mild TBI, ABI, Inattention, Distractibility, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, related topics


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I am proud to announce the release of my autobiography "Free at Last, My Lifetime Battle to Overcome Epilepsy" by Lisa-Marie Kinsman.

Press Release from PublishAmerica:

Frederick, MD...

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I'm sure all of you can relate to this..
Many times I've found myself staring dumbfounded at my doctor wondering...


Are you listening to me?


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Just wanted to share this with everyone - my son has just turned 16 and has Complex partial epilepsy but depending on the circumstances of the day (overtiredness, illness etc)he also has Tonic...