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   Hi There -

   I am very new to this posting thing but I feel it's very important for people to be aware of a new "Life Line" device you wear around your...

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I am trying to get a seizure assistance dog for my uncle. I am hoping it will be a great help for him but I don't want him to be on a waiting list for too long. any suggestions?

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(Web page from - page links removed)

In normal conditions, all...

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Do you have a favorite Neurologist...Epileptologist...Neurosurgeon...or Pediatric Doctor that you'd like to recommend?

If so, please write down their name, specialty,...

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I think that pro bono legal aid is perhaps more difficult to find than almost anything else in this country, except perhaps, FREE medical care.  But here are six resources where...

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Hi-I just wanted to make you all aware of a new book that has been published.  It is called "The Making of Mike" and it is my dad's journey through life with epilepsy.  I grew up with the man,...

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Vitiligo  is a fairly common condition that causes pale, white patches to develop on the skin. This is because that particular area of skin has little or none of a type of pigment called melanin...

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I have been looking for a seizure monitor for my husband. He has to go
to another state because of his project and i am not in a position to
accompany him. I was looking around for...

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Does anyone know where you Can get a seizure alert dog in New jersey?

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You can find generic medications used for epilepsy at low cost from International Drug Mart.

There is also...

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Hi Everybody,          

I am a lifelong epileptic who has returned to school, again.  I am using a 10-year-old desktop computer with old programs, monitor, and memory that is not able to...

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I know there have been past discussions about this, but I am curious to see everyone's feedback about whether or not/when to wear an ID bracelet. I am 23 years old and...

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I think this is a must watch talk for everyone. Up to 50% of people diagnosed autistic may actually have a misdiagnosed epileptic disorder.


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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice from anyone who has actually used the filters marketed for fluorescent lights.  The answers to the computer monitor filter questions were some help-...

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i am trying to get off of depakote. i still have jerks though when i reduce myself. i have been on it since i was 10 years old and i am now 29. my body is so used to the meds i have to take it by...

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I had my first seizure over 3 years ago resulting in a car accident.  I stayed in a hospital for a few days (I don't remember how long exactly) and had many tests done that I don't remember the...

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Say good-bye to big, clunky helmets and say hello to a protective hat that’s good-looking too.

A friend of mine just introduced me to this innovative new product called the Humpty...

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What do you guys think about those seizure alert dogs? Anyone have one? Idk what someone would need to qualify. Just lookin for some info.