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Created By: Birdie | 2008-04-01 20:15 | 138 Views | 1 Comment

  I'm really not sure as to the type of seizures I have anymore, even though I've been an Epileptic since 1959.  I've had all kinds since then.  Right now, I black out at times, and...

Created By: userjake | 2008-03-29 19:38 | 63 Views | 2 Comments

I  have had epilepsy for many years. One year ago I had the vns implanted. I am still having seizures. It seems to work sometimes but not always. They have me on so many meds. I take keppra,...

Created By: epihelp | 2008-03-27 00:33 | 153 Views | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow we will be launching revisions to the seizure diary to correct some bugs and make using the diary a lot easier. This is NOT the final version. We are working on...

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Hi everyone!

This weekend I am going to Washington DC to participate in the National Epilepsy Walk as part of the American Epilepsy Society's team. We hope to raise lots of money for...

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Hi everyone,

We had Dr. Steven Schachter join us this afternoon for a Question and Answer Chat on VNS Therapy. Here are a number of links to information on the site about VNS. I have...

Created By: scorpio | 2008-03-12 08:58 | 87 Views | 1 Comment

Am I right in feeling that many of those contributing to the
forum in the past are no longer doing so and that there are fewer contributions
per day than there used...

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Hi everyone! We had a great crowd in the Epilepsy Surgery Chat with Dr. Devinsky tonight. Here are some links to take you to information about surgery or related treatments that you may find...

Created By: susangibson | 2008-02-25 00:14 | 86 Views | 0 Comments

Hello, i was reading about tremors with depakote use, which Abby now has since we increased her dosage. How many of you use Carnitine?? its a prescription isnt it?  and do any of you give your...

Created By: rikorikojie | 2008-02-13 13:08 | 99 Views | 1 Comment

Im not a person living with epilepsy but is there different meds for different seizures or are the meds for the same reason and Im just wandering and is it to prevent side affects like AED cuases...

Created By: rikorikojie | 2008-02-08 13:51 | 7629 Views | 25 Comments

can people with epilepsy drive? and Im wondering since they can have a siezure and might cuase a wreck

Created By: Elisha512 | 2008-01-31 14:14 | 835 Views | 3 Comments

I was wondering, can a caffiene withdrawal cause a seizure?

I am trying to rid my body of it's dependence on coffee, soda, etc for that jolt of energy to get through the day. It has...

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I am new.


i recently had a partial focal which lasted for about 1 hour, which then lead to a generalized focal or psychogenic.



1. how...

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HI everyone,

I hope everyone had a fun and restfull holiday and I wish you all a healthy, happy new year!


Created By: epihelp | 2007-12-28 22:44 | 182 Views | 3 Comments

Hi everyone,

I checked up on some issues people raised on chat tonight. Here's an update

1- Blogs - some people couldn't find their friend's blogs. Use the search bar to the top...

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Hi Sue 11 here been a long time since i have been into the chat room still struggling very much with my daughter who is now 4 years old. still having many difficulties using words with...

Created By: epihelp | 2007-12-21 08:07 | 400 Views | 10 Comments

Dear community members,

For quite a while we have heard concerns about chat rooms and the site in general. While a variety of helpful comments have been received, one of the take home...

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Calling all users!

Recently the board members of Epilepsy Therapy Project shared their perspectives on the unmet medical needs for people with epilepsy. These experts and many...

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Ciao a tutti! Hello to all!

In the interest of improving the quality of the site, I would like to address the smaller sizes of photo avatars and fonts for writing which I am finding far...

Created By: staceypipkin | 2007-12-06 23:50 | 545 Views | 0 Comments

My daughter had what appeared to be seizures two yrs ago. Her symptoms cry out my stomach and then completely go limp then come to answer to her name only not responding to any other verbal...