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Created By: paola | 2006-02-12 07:18 | 221 Views | 6 Comments

Hi everyone,
I am 26 having seizures for last 10 years.That is crazy but I still cannot believe I am sick.That is stronger than me, everytime I have seizures(grand mal)I cry and ask God why...

Created By: Cece55555 | 2006-02-11 18:36 | 173 Views | 3 Comments

About 2 years I was at work and feel into a Gran Maul my first seizure ever, I had 4 more that week my life has fallen apart ever since. I am on my 3rd neurologist, I've had countless EEG even the...

Created By: Mel1974 | 2006-02-11 17:18 | 286 Views | 9 Comments

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site. I have Grand Mal seizures that are not that often. My last one was 3 years ago on New Year's Day. I would like to have penpals who also have siezures...

Created By: coolbreeze | 2006-02-11 02:16 | 163 Views | 2 Comments

Hi, I am new here. I am currently looking for answers to my medical condition. I am still waiting diagnosis from my family doctor. I have had an ambulatory EEG for 3 days straight, regular EEG...

Created By: land1968 | 2006-02-09 09:11 | 478 Views | 4 Comments

Hi, am new here. Yesterday my 14 year old son came downstairs after awakening in a very confused and agitated state, bumping into things, pacing, and very confused...couldn't speak correctly or...

Created By: Tanya | 2006-02-09 02:36 | 388 Views | 12 Comments

Hello, let me first start out by saying I have had epilepsy now for 30 years. I have four children, three boys ages 12, 9, 4 and one daughter 2 years old.
I was wondering if anyone has had a...

Created By: eclipsed soul | 2006-02-08 23:47 | 182 Views | 2 Comments

Hello, my name is Brittany, and I am currently 17 years old. Due to my sudden spark of interest in what happened to those kids who watched the episode of Pokemon that caused seizures, I found out...

Created By: chengcrickmore | 2006-02-08 10:58 | 131 Views | 1 Comment

my name is cheng crickmore,
I am epilepetic.
I had it this since I was a child.
It didn't get worst until I was 26 the year of 1996.
I went through doctors had no clue at...

Created By: S Austin | 2006-02-08 10:26 | 131 Views | 1 Comment

I had a Brain tumor removed over a year ago. I started having seizures last November. When they start my legs give out. Next my body tightens up
and I can barely speak. This lasts for 30-45...

Created By: Clare | 2006-02-08 04:25 | 165 Views | 2 Comments

Hi, I am new to My 5year old daughter was diagnosed with epilepsey last September. The condition manifested itself as dizzy spells - which are usually very slight. Initially,...

Created By: ErikaS17 | 2006-02-05 19:42 | 192 Views | 4 Comments

Hey everyone!

I would just like to do a little bit of an introduction to myself. I'll make it known, I'm only 14 (15 in March!), but I'm very interested in learning further about you all,...

Created By: ktkelly | 2006-02-04 21:12 | 256 Views | 7 Comments

I'm very new and scared

Created By: brett | 2006-02-03 22:29 | 279 Views | 4 Comments

Im 36 years old with a great family my wife of 15 years my 4 year old son and my 2 year old daughter.
I had my first seizure about 1 1/2 years ago we were doing 80 mph down the freeway when...

Created By: AprilR | 2006-02-03 21:41 | 141 Views | 1 Comment

My 7 month old daughter has been diagnosed with seizures. She has had 2 possibly 3 so far and I am pretty sure she was having them in Utero. With her EEG and MRI being normal I am confused and I...

Created By: Tiggerpaws | 2006-02-03 03:16 | 200 Views | 4 Comments

Although I did not have any
seizures for a year or 2 now
living wity my brother, I have
had alot before.

They olny happen when something
very bad happens, someone...

Created By: tuffy | 2006-02-02 19:36 | 142 Views | 1 Comment

My son is 6yrs old and mentally challenged and we thought that he was having night terrors as his terrors were only while he slept and yet he had the arm movement of a epileptic jurking...

Created By: angel_lts | 2006-02-02 14:37 | 143 Views | 1 Comment

Super Bowl your question? This is really epilepsy business.

Alan Faneca, #66, is a starting guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He
has worked with our Pittsburgh affiliate and is...

Created By: sallyshredder | 2006-02-02 09:29 | 1150 Views | 26 Comments

Let me start by saying that I'm very thankful for a resource in which I can discuss issues with those share the same problems.

My story's long, but I'll try to make it as painless as...

Created By: sunnyinflorida | 2006-02-02 04:13 | 244 Views | 3 Comments

I am wondering if cousins can both inherit epilepsy. I have a cousin who has epilepsy.

I am 38 years old. I have recently started having problems with my arms and legs jerking and...

Created By: Kacey | 2006-02-01 15:31 | 161 Views | 2 Comments

My 3 year old son was diagnosed with primary generalized epilepsy today, we see his neurologist tommorow. I am wondering if there is any one that could point me in the right direction to finding...