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Prior to my surgery in July, I was having absence seizures, the kind where you blank out for a few minutes, and then back to normal. During the course of these seizures, I generally...

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My 3 year old has cortical dysplasia.  She began having seizures at 5 mos old.  Over the past 3 years she has had periods of seizure control with medication, the seizures would begin again,...

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Hi again for everyone

I went for my post surgery MRI last week, and was trying my best to think in a positive manner when I go to see my doctor.

Now I have been told that even...

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Hi All,

Sorry I have a few questions post surgery that I hope you can help with.

1. What does the post MRI do.

2. Seems I am very anxious (don't recall this being as...

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Hello everyone. My name is Camilo

My dad had a right temporal lobectomy in october 28 2010 (6 days ago) it was quite scarry because a couple of hours after the surgery he had to be operated...

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