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Recently I have been having reccuring dreams of passing out. Sometimes I dream that I am drunk (when I am actually sober), and I remember feeling very dizzy while asleep. I have...

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I was just wondering if anyone else out there has Epilepsy, but is not taking any Anti-Epileptic Drugs?

I have had such terrible side-effects from Anti-Epileptic Drugs that I won...

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I recently stopped taking Epilim (Sodium Valproate/Depakene) because it was making my hair fall out! :( Has anyone else had this side-effect from Sodium Valproate?

Before, I was...

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Does anyone else out there have both Epilepsy and Hypoglycaemia? If so, how does your Hypoglycaemia affect your Epilepsy?

Thanks and keep well! :)

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I'm really angry at my mom cuz my family was away for about 2 in a half days so now they came back and she's really getting on my nerves. She keeps nagging and making a big deal out of nothing. To...

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Hello. I am new here to I have browsed through this site and read very little to nothing about gelastic seizures. Does anybody else here have gelastic seizures?

Created By: Sophs64833 | 2007-06-02 15:20 | 90 Views | 0 Comments

For two months and two days I was seizure free. I was very happy and was thinking and hoping that I could be seizure free for at least three months.Three months without having a seizure is my goal...

Created By: Sophs64833 | 2007-05-30 16:22 | 136 Views | 2 Comments

Hello. I've been taking like different kinds of medications for my seizures. A few times I have taken my pills a bit too much or something because I can't remember if I took them or not. So I...

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My name is Hannah Kate and I was just recently diagnosed with epilepsy. I lived with what I didn't know were seizures for almost three years. Everything happened very publicly because the majority...

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I know some people might hesitate to respond to this one, but i really want to know.

I'm on Trileptal and Zoloft, and i have a problem. I can't get really sexually aroused anymore. When my...

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Has anyone felt too embarrassed to go an event again after they embarrassed themselves by having a seizure in front of everyone at the event? In March I went to a prayer meeting in church and had...

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Hi... I was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in October, and it totally was nothing I could have ever expected or been ready for. Remembering to take my medication every 12 hours has...

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Does Lamictal make you extremely tired? I am wondering if it is this medicine, I can sleep anywhere anytime. :) Depakote made me gain weight, Lamictal makes me sleep, what is going to work for me...

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my son 14 years has epilepsy so if he has seizer free now and he turn 18 years olds can he get driver lisence ??
my question is
when the times to get driver lisence do he have to...

Created By: Sophs64833 | 2007-04-26 00:25 | 610 Views | 19 Comments

Haha... a few days ago I went drinking. It's like so bad for my epilepsy thing. I give up. I don't care to take care of this seizure thing when I'm having a fun time. Ya, it's dangerous for me,...

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i beeen on topamax and depakote, basically both sides of the fence. topamax makes you really skinny if you go on a high dsg 4 a long period of time and depakote makes you really fat if you go on...

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Hi. I was recently put on keppra and have noticed that I'm more emotional and become more aggravated more easily. Does anyone have this problem?


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Hi. I'm Liz, i'm 16 and I was diagnosed when I was 7. Within the past 3 months my epilepsy has gotten slightly worse, my seizures are more frequent and I'm just looking for some other teens to...

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My sixteen year old daughter was having on going problems with seizures after taking a hard blow to the head. The doctors did not really have any answers and said they hoped she would eventually...

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.... I passed out twice at work on saturday and after the 2nd time i passed - the 7th.-
out i had a seizure. i have to get a table tilt test done next friday.
they strap me to a bed in...