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I'm new to this. I've been with my boyfriend for about six months. I knew he was epileptic when we started dating, but within the last two months, his seizures have become more...

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  Hi guys

 Today has been a good day untill I had an aure... I felt secord because I was home alone



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  Hi guys

 Today has been a good day untill I had an aure... I felt secord because I was home alone



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I'd like to invite everyone to the Epilepsy Therapy Project Family Day - a conference for general public - that means all of us! It's being held in San Francisco on...

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Hello everyone, my wife was recently diagnosed with seizures and as with im sure most of you are, are trying to find a way to beat this unforgiving condition. a little backround in Sept 2011 my...

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Not sure what to say but that either I was horrible husband and didn't realize or about the time my wife started taking medication she changed emotionally and physically. My wife started taking...

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I am originally from morocco, i live in new York,  my brother in morocco has epilepsy and his doctor prescribed him ...

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Hi there,

Am new to the site and hope someone can help. Have posted also int he chat part as not sure where to go.

Basically, my father has had epilepsy for many years,...

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This is my first post. I read alot of others and try to help though:).

I've had seizures since I was 9, 11 years! I've tried almost every medication, I had failed brain surgery in 2007....

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I am new to this site, and actually the spouse of someone with epilepsy.  My husband began having grand-mals when he turned 40... out of the blue!  Now, 4 years later, I am no better handling...

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I was informed by my hiring manager that my Assistant (who I inherited as staff) has epilepsy and was embarassed about it, was not comfortable letting people know.

It is controlled w/...

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hello guys!


have you known someone who needs long term care due to epilepsy? my brother,49-year-old, is suffering the same...

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My thirty year-old girlfriend just had what looked very much like a grand mal seizure. Her older sister has epilepsy that came on at roughly the same age. My girlfriend has never had a grand mal...

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My child died from Epilepsy. The Medical Examiner said he was shocked to see how many people die of Epilepsy, yet he feels that most doctors, patients, parents do NOT take it as a life ending...

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I was diagnosed with epilepsy 20 years ago; 5 years before I met my wife. I had 6 seizures the first year they diagnosed me. I have what the neurologist calls generalized seizure disorder which...

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I'm new to this site and am engaged to my fiancee who is epileptic. A year ago she was taken off Topomax for Lamictal and was perfect. Now she's being weaned off of Keppra and on the...

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I have a quick question about auras, I know not everyone gets them.  But I am trying to help my son who is only 8 years old.  He doesn't understand about deja vu', but he does get what I thought...

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Let me introduce myself and the company I work for.  My name is Danielle Di Tizio and I'm a Project Manager for MAXimum Research, a Marketing Research company...

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I wanted to know if anyone has information on the effectiveness of helmets with drop seizures? Would a helmet be sufficient to help prevent further injuries if a gait belt is used presently? Is...

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I'm still looking for others with ULD. My daughter has it and we've never met another person with it. Please reply. We'd love to "talk" to  you. Thanks.