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Topic: Living With Epilepsy - Adults

Created By: honeybear | 2006-03-24 14:21 | 283 Views | 16 Comments

Hi all
I hope that you are all ok

I have a question that I hope you don't mind me asking.

When I have a nocturnal seizure I find that it take me 3-4 days to recover. I am...

Created By: edy_telephone | 2006-03-23 20:41 | 157 Views | 1 Comment

I've just read Howard Zwirn story and it really scares me. I suffer of complex partial seizure and I overwent the temporal lobectomy. Unfortunaly the operation didn't work because I started to...

Created By: mrtigre | 2006-03-23 15:28 | 438 Views | 2 Comments

I really don't know where to place this letter among all the foruns specified. I am 57 years old and have had epilepsy all my life. I have been told by a neurologist that after taking...

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-22 07:50 | 905 Views | 9 Comments

Goodmorning, Joyce Here:
I have noticed the last two seizures I have had there was some moodyness before and after. Is this a normal thing and does any one else get the same way?

Created By: EHammarstrom | 2006-03-21 15:36 | 168 Views | 1 Comment

Hello All -

Here is a question for everyone. I have Epilepsy which I have had all of my life.

I alway have been told that you dont put aaything into someones mouth while they...

Created By: kymberlie83 | 2006-03-21 15:12 | 156 Views | 1 Comment

i have had epilepsy since i was about 16yrs old. it has changed my life big time. i cant drive, because i black out at the wheel and almost get into accidents. i cant work because my eployers are...

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-21 14:51 | 190 Views | 0 Comments

Hi, Joyce here,
Since I was diagnosed with P.N.E.S., my two biggest triggers to my seizures are headaches and stress. The longer I have a headache the more seizures I seem too have. When...

Created By: pilk | 2006-03-21 12:29 | 151 Views | 0 Comments

Ive been informed that I cant say what I want to here. It has to be all good.
good luck to Joyce,Barbie spiz,Christine,and the guy from England. I didnt even cuss.

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-21 07:35 | 169 Views | 1 Comment

Hi everyone, Joyce here...
I was wanting to know if it is normal too feel as though the harder you try the less you get and others see? Here lately I feel like I take 1 step forward and 9...

Created By: epihelp | 2006-03-20 11:57 | 418 Views | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Welcome aboard to new friends! Thanks to everyone for offering their individual views and support. This is a site for everyone and respecting each other is so important. Also...

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-20 09:28 | 196 Views | 5 Comments

Hi Joyce here,
I was asked to be a bit more specific in regards to my type of seizures if I had a point in the issue. Well, yes I do have a point, I never said I had epilepsy I did however...

Created By: borgmanjayce | 2006-03-20 07:25 | 171 Views | 2 Comments

I'm a male from England, just turned 34 and I've been epileptic for roughly 10 or so years.

It all started when I was doing some DTP work on a Mac at college and I hadn't eaten for hours on...

Created By: pilk | 2006-03-20 01:07 | 198 Views | 9 Comments

I have had many wonderous experiances with epilepsy,the drugs used to combat it,survival of seizures in the worst circumstances imaginable and living life on the fringes of society.


Created By: Anonymous | 2006-03-19 17:12 | 151 Views | 1 Comment

How much mg are you on
how many times do you take it again

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-19 10:19 | 189 Views | 3 Comments

Hello, Joyce here,

I just wanted to know if anyone else went through a period of time when you had a hard time believing in yourself because of what you were going through? I am having a...

Created By: Jana33 | 2006-03-18 15:58 | 209 Views | 8 Comments

I have been having these strange feeling of my ears ringing a bad headache and I have been smelling thing that is there. My stomache will hurt and then I smell something that is burnt and I'm real...

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-17 13:24 | 251 Views | 9 Comments

I have noticed the past few weeks that I am overwelmed with all these unfamiliar feelings and can not put them into words that others can understand. Is this a normal thing everyone goes through...

Created By: T mama | 2006-03-17 10:31 | 183 Views | 1 Comment

Hi Everybody,
I am new to the site, need someone who understands. Have had complex partial/generalized seizures for 6 years now and have recently had some strange new sensations. I have...

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-17 08:29 | 164 Views | 2 Comments

Goodmorning everyone,
I just recently found out some things that have hurt me deeply as well as angered me. My mom recently admitted too me that Dad and Her knew there was something...

Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-16 09:36 | 176 Views | 2 Comments

Hi to all,
For the past two weeks I have been keeping my fear that something else is wrong with me. My ankles and feet have been swelling on me and turning a redish and bluish color....