Kevin's Pyramids: Partnering with the Epilepsy Foundation


The Epilepsy Foundation is proud to partner with Trish Barnes, who lost her beloved son Kevin to a drowning accident in 2001. Trish turned this overwhelming loss into exhilirating hope for people who live with epilepsy and to the people who care for and love them. Trish created a series of stained glass pyramids, which she is donating to the Epilepsy Foundation to help raise money for new therapies to help individuals with epilepsy. Please read her words below: 


"As I tried to determine what would be the highest and best use of the pyramids, and how their funding would impact the epilepsy community, I realized that I had two major goals.  One was that Kevin's life would not be forgotten, and that his passing would somehow serve as a vehicle to help others.  Second was my wish that a lasting memorial would be created, that would provide funding for years to come.


"I realized that while immediate impact could be made through funding current therapies and research, there is also great financial power in deferring a portion of the gift into an endowment.  An endowment allows a portion of the funding donated for the pyramids, as well as all profits from the book, to grow over time in a diversified investment portfolio.  Each year, the endowment account should generate income to be disbursed for the funding of the development of a new therapy.   


"This approach creates both an immediate gift honoring Kevin's life, as well as an ongoing, future source of funding, each stream of funding satisfying the original vision for the pyramids.  I am grateful to the Epilepsy Foundation and the leadership of Phil Gattone for recognizing my goals, and for partnering with me to help these dreams be realized.   I also want to thank and recognize Kim Macher for her vision and absolute support in this project.  Thank you so much for all your friendship, love, and support.  I am honored to work with everyone at the Foundation, and so very grateful." 


To learn more, please visit Kevin's Pyramids

Authored by: Ken Lowenberg on 1/2016