2018 Epilepsy Foundation Pipeline Conference

Every two years, the Epilepsy Foundation holds its Pipeline Conference to bring together decision-makers with a stake in the field of epilepsy treatment, therapeutic innovation, and product development. This exciting meeting provides a forum for surveying new therapies in development, exploring future advancements, and encouraging collaborations and partnerships.

This year’s Pipeline Conference will take place February 22-23, 2018, at the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco, California. This conference will also feature a Community Day on Saturday, February 24th, where people living with epilepsy and their family, friends, and advocates gather for a day of learning, support, and networking.

Speakers and attendees will include

  • emerging biotech and medical technology companies,
  • major pharmaceutical and device companies, and
  • researchers and innovators at the cutting-edge of epilepsy and CNS treatment advances.

Draft Conference Agenda

Day 1 – Thursday, February 22, 2018

Welcome and Overview

Session I: Technology in Epilepsy: Changing Trials and Therapeutics

  • Seizure Diary – John Hixson MD, Associate Professor, University of California-San Diego
  • Seizure Prediction/Gauge – Gregory Worrell MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochestor, Minnesota
  • Seizure Detection Device – Robert Fisher MD, PhD, Maslah Saul Professor, Department of Neurology, Standford University Medical Center
  • Panel Discussion

Session II: Pre-Clinical Drug Pipeline

  • Propofol – Michael Rogawski MD, PhD, EpaleX
  • 2DG – Thomas Sutula MD, PhD, NeuroGenomeX, Inc.
  • TAK935/OV935 – Mahnaz Asgharnejad PharmD, Ovid/Takeda
  • Adenosine-Augmentation Therapies – Deltev Boison PhD, R.S. Dow Neurobiological Laboratoires and Legacy Research Institute
  • Pre-clinical Padsevonil – Rafal Kaminski MD, PhD, Senior Director and Head of Epilepsy, UCB Pharma
  • Injectable Diazepam: XeriJect – Steven Prestrelski PhD, Xeris

Session III: Epilepsy development – Regulatory and financing considerations: How to get your investment and how to get your investment to pay off

  • Talk 1: Will epilepsy drugs be able to be reimbursed without comparative data showing superiority, and if you need comparative data, how do you get it?
    • How to make a difference: The role of comparative data in AED development: Konrad Werhahn MD, Senior Medical Director, Global Head Clinical Strategy, Seizure Freedom Mission, Neurology, UCB
    • Payer Perspective
    • If comparative superiority data is needed, how is it acquired?: Daniel Freedman MD, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, NYU
    • Epilepsy Therapy Screening Program (ETSP)/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS): John Kehne PhD, Program Director, ETSP/NINDS
  • Panel Discussion
  • Orphan versus broad market development
    • Dr. Jeremy Levin BChir, MB, DPhil, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Ovid Therapeutics
    • Ms. Terri Sebree, President, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals
  • Panel Discussion

Networking Lunch

Session IV: Early Stage Device Pipeline

Session V: Regulatory Requirements for Seizures/Epilepsy Devices

  • Q & A

Update from 2017 Shark Tank Winners

  • Update by Jacqueline French MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Epilepsy Foundation
  • Jonas Duun-Henriksen PhD, Senior Scientific Researcher at UNEEG medical A/S: 24/7 Portable, ultra-long term EEG Recording device won $75,000 in the audience vote for the People’s Choice Award.
  • Maysaa Basha MD, Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at Wayne State University School of Medicine: The Sound of Seizures: Auto-triggered seizure detection won $75,000 awarded by the judges.
  • Paula Gomez PhD, CEO of Epistemic, and Hilda A. Cerdeira PhD, Fellow of the America Physical Society: Device for epileptic seizure prediction won $50,000 awarded by the judges.

Shark Tank Competition

Day 2 – Friday, February 23, 2018

Patient Video / Research & New Therapies Highlight

Session VI: Social Innovation and Power of Partnerships

  • The Epilepsy Foundation – Brandy Fureman PhD, Vice President of Research and New Therapies, Epilepsy Foundation
  • The Epilepsy Study Consortium – Jacqueline French MD
  • Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE): Infantile Spasms Initiative – Laura Lubbers PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, CURE
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance: Preclinical Trial Consortium – Steve Roberds PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance
  • Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation (PERC): Advancing Pediatric Trials – Kelly Knupp MD, Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • Panel Discussion

Session VII: Registries

  • Human Epilepsy Project (HEP & HEP 2) – Daniel Lowenstein MD, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, University of California-San Diego
  • Rare Epilepsy Network (REN)
  • Registry Patient
  • Panel Discussion / Q & A

Session VIII: Clinical Devices/Other

  • Embrace Seizure Detection Watch – Matteo Lai, Co-Founder and CEO, Empatica
  • Epilog, Wearable Seizure Diary – Mark Lehmkuhle PhD, Epitel, Inc. 

Session IX: Research Roundtable for Epilepsy

Session X: Clinical Drugs

  • BIS-001 ER – Stephen D. Collins MD, PhD, Biscayne/Insero
  • ZYN002, CBD Gel – Donna Gutterman PharmD, Zynerba
  • NRP2945 – Frank Sieg PhD, Chief Scientist, CuroNZ Ltd.
  • ZX008, Low-Dose Fenfluramine – Glen Morrison PhD, Zogenix
  • Staccato Alprazolam – Jouko Isojarvi MD, PhD, Engage Therapeutics Inc.
  • XEN1101 – Y. Paul Goldberg MBChB, PhD, FRCPC, Xenon
  • Ganalaxone  – Lorianne K. Masuoka MD, Chief Medical Officer, Marinus
  • UX007 – Melanie Brandabur MD, Ultragenyx
  • NRL-1, Intranasal Diazepam – Craig Chambliss, President & CEO, Neurelis
  • Clinical Padsevonil – Pierandrea Muglia MD, Vice President & Head Neuroscience Discovery Medicine, UCB Pharma
  • PF-06372865 – Rachel Gurrell, Clinical Lead, Early Clinical Development, Pfizer
  • TIL-TC150 – Dr. Bláthnaid McCoy MB BCh, BAO, MRCPI, CSCSN (EEG), MSc, Program Director, Neurology Residency & Epilepsy Fellowship Programs; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Toronto; Pediatric Neurologist, Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, Tillray
  • Brexanolone – Paul Miller MS, Sage