The Epilepsy Foundation Wellness Institute exists to improve the quality of life of people living with epilepsy and those who care for them. It supports an integral part of epilepsy self-management strategies consisting of nonmedical approaches and behaviors that a person with epilepsy can use to promote seizure control and enhance their overall life success. The Wellness Institute emphasizes a holistic and strengths-based approach that includes the eight identified dimensions of wellness: Emotional Health, Sleep, Independent Living, Physical Activity, Education and Employment, Social Relationships, Stress Management, and Diet and Nutrition.

The primary goals of the Wellness Institute are to:

  1. Raise awareness and educate audiences on all dimensions of wellness by providing them with science-based information;
  2. Provide psychosocial support and follow-up care to persons with epilepsy;
  3. Identify professional and community resources at both the national and local level;
  4. Raise the standard of care for those living with epilepsy by training and educating caretakers and professionals;
  5. Promote research and innovative therapies;
  6. Advocate for those with epilepsy;
  7. Build a culture of wellness throughout the Epilepsy Foundation; and
  8. Form partnerships and collaborations with local organizations, federal, national and corporate partners.

The Wellness Institute Communications Program Manager will carry the primary responsibility for all technical science content writing, editing, design, production, and dissemination. The Program Manager will work closely with national and local staff and epilepsy experts to promote public health education and awareness of the eight dimensions of wellness identified above, and inform the public about Wellness Institute program activities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works with staff to write and/or edit content, including toolkits, fact sheets, training manuals, brochures, handouts, publications, and infographics, among others. Develops materials for special events, such as the Annual Walk, the Skill Building Institute, Studio E Art Therapy, and health fairs.
  • Collaborates with the Communications Department on development and production of content that is disseminated through the Epilepsy Foundation website, social media, e-newsletters, micro-campaigns, chats, webinars, and National Epilepsy Awareness month, among others. Manages the production schedule with the Communications Department and works with their staff and editors on the design and editing of all content.
  • Works with the advisory group and topic editors for the Wellness Institute, who provide content and/or review for scientific accuracy. Works with the Foundation’s Professional Advisory Board in identifying and producing content on current topics and research that pertain to epilepsy quality of life and/or the Wellness Institute.
  • Works with the communications media relations staff person, if needed, to produce content for press releases and other announcements.
  • Monitors website sections that involve the Wellness Institute and assists with online communities and programs, referring to other staff or experts, as appropriate.
  • Works with designers and vendors to coordinate any final content, as needed.
  • Assists in the development of an annual marketing plan for the Wellness Institute and then manages its implementation. This includes using Foundation communication channels, but also assisting in the production of external ads and media releases, if needed.
  • Assists in writing, editing, and compiling information for Wellness Institute reports and grant proposals.
  • Handles other writing, editing, administrative tasks, and duties, as assigned.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, communications, or related field required.
  • Minimum 5-7 years experience in nonprofit and/or association public health communications and publications, including content development.
  • Experience in a national health-related organization working with expert content writers and implementing public health and mental-health related communication activities desirable.
  • Experience writing for professional publications, developing website and newsletter content, using social media, and researching health-related issues preferred.
  • Experience with webcast production and survey software, such as Survey Monkey, Abode Connect, and GoToWebinar, preferred.
  • Experience with modern business communication processes. Knowledge of and familiarity with Microsoft Office software. Experience using various style guides, including AP, APA, and Chicago, and the CDC Clear Communication and Plain Language communication guidelines.
  • Knowledge of epilepsy, disability self-management, mental health, and wellness are desirable.
  • Experience working with the epilepsy community is a plus.

Specific Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills

  • Exceptional editing, writing and proofreading skills, and experience with writing and editing for the web. Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communications skills.
  • Proficiency in modern business communications, including Microsoft Office, information systems technologies, Web research, HTML, and web editing tools, and database systems.
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills with great attention to detail. Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize work. Ability to understand, follow, and receive oral and written instructions and feedback.
  • Familiarity with culturally diverse populations and ability to adapt materials to meet the unique needs of specific populations.
  • Personal skills that include strong initiative, ability to work independently with minimal supervision, and capacity to work well with others

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume in Word format to Please include salary requirement.