In the past months there has been a flurry of activity throughout the country with many states considering legislation to allow the use of cannabidiol (CBD) to treat epilepsy and seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation has been advocating for passage of these bills and we encourage everyone in the epilepsy community to do the same. On this page you will find information and tools to support epilepsy advocacy on the federal and state level.

The Epilepsy Foundation supports legislation recently introduced by Representative Scott Perry (R-PA), the Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014 (H.R. 5226), which would remove therapeutic hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and expand access to cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the treatment of intractable epilepsy. Read more.


How You Can Help

Current Laws and Active Legislation


To view a table outlining the laws passed by 23 states and the District of Columbia allowing medical cannabis please go to  This page also breaks down the laws that have been passed that only allow the use of CBD.

We are also tracking current compassionate access legislation in the states. Many states are considering bills that would allow compassionate access for those living with epilepsy. For some of these states we have created action alerts for you to send a message to your legislators. Please take a moment and check our current alerts for issues in your state that you can take action on.