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Nov 18, 2015
Tolaymat A, Nayak A, Geyer JD, Geyer SK, Carney PR
Epilepsy is a relatively common neurologic disorder in children that has important implications for development, parents, and society. Making the correct diagnosis starts with an accurate and complete history that cons...
Nov 14, 2015
Hao N, Xia W, Tang Y, Wu M, Jiang H, Lin X, Liu J, Zhou D
OBJECTIVE: The aims of this study were to investigate the implementation of guidelines on periconceptional folic acid supplementation among pregnant women with epilepsy (WWE) in China and to identify its potential corr...
Nov 12, 2015
Harper KM, Knapp DJ, Breese GR
BACKGROUND: The role of neuroimmune activation in withdrawal from chronic alcohol (ethanol) has been established in both adolescent and adult models, but direct comparisons across age are sparse. Studies need to elucid...
Nov 10, 2015
Al-Banji MH, Zahr DK, Jan MM
Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) is a severe pediatric epilepsy syndrome characterized by mixed seizures, cognitive decline, and generalized slow (
Nov 10, 2015
Snoeijen-Schouwenaars FM, van Deursen KC, Tan IY, Verschuure P, Majoie MH
BACKGROUND: Children with epilepsy and intellectual disability have an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency. In this patient group, it is neither clear which factors are associated with the level of 25-hydroxyvitamin...
Nov 10, 2015
Hashim SA, VanItallie TB
Ketone bodies (KBs), acetoacetate and β-hydroxybutyrate (βHB), were considered harmful metabolic by-products when discovered in the mid-19th century in the urine of patients with diabetic ketoacidosis. It took physicia...
Nov 5, 2015
Whitehead J, Quimby J, Bayliss D
A 7 yr old, male, castrated, Yorkshire terrier was presented on emergency for an acute onset of seizure activity. The owner also reported that the dog had previously exhibited other symptoms, including intermittent vom...
Nov 1, 2015
Lucke-Wold BP, Nguyen L, Turner RC, Logsdon AF, Chen YW, Smith KE, Huber JD, Matsumoto R, Rosen CL, Tucker ES, Richter E
Post-traumatic epilepsy continues to be a major concern for those experiencing traumatic brain injury. Post-traumatic epilepsy accounts for 10-20% of epilepsy cases in the general population. While seizure prophylaxis ...
Nov 1, 2015
Kang DH, Heo RW, Yi CO, Kim H, Choi CH, Roh GS
BACKGROUND: Obesity has deleterious effects on the brain, and metabolic dysfunction may exacerbate the outcomes of seizures and brain injuries. However, it is unclear whether obesity affects excitotoxicity-induced neur...
Oct 22, 2015
Rokan Z, Kealey WD
We present a case of a man who suffered bilateral neck of femur fractures secondary to osteomalacia, attributable to a combination of his reclusive lifestyle, poor diet and long-term anticonvulsant therapy. These fract...