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Oct 22, 2014
Sima X, Xu J, Li J, Zhong W, You C
β-amyloid precursor protein (β-APP), also known as Aβ peptide, has a key role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, and is also likely to be involved in the development of refractory epilepsy. The mechanism behin...
Oct 22, 2014
Logue L, Saini P, Babinski K, Russi T
SESSION TITLE: Critical Care Student/Resident Case Report Posters IISESSION TYPE: Medical Student/Resident Case ReportPRESENTED ON: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMINTRODUCTION: Baclofen withdrawal rare...
Oct 22, 2014
Valadão MN, Coimbra ER, Landemberger MC, Velasco TR, Terra VC, Wichert-Ana L, Alexandre V, Araújo D, Guarnieri R, Martins VR, Santos AC, Sakamoto AC, Walz R
The cellular prion protein, encoded by Prnp gene, is involved in neuroprotection, neuroplasticity and neurodevelopment. The variant allele Valine at codon 129 of the Prnp was associated with decreased brain volume in h...
Oct 22, 2014
Kasasbeh AS, Gurnett CA, Smyth MD
PURPOSE: Aicardi syndrome (AS) is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by the triad of seizures, agenesis of corpus callosum, and chorioretinal lacunae. Seizures in AS are typically frequent, of various t...
Oct 21, 2014
Sharma S, Nair PP, Murgai A, Selvaraj RJ
Thiopentone sodium is one of the important drugs in the armamentarium for terminating refractory status epilepticus, a neurological emergency. We report a case of thiopentone-related bradycardia during the management o...
Oct 18, 2014
Hayashi H, Iwata M, Tsuchimori N, Matsumoto T
BACKGROUND: Refractory chronic pain dramatically reduces the quality of life of patients. Existing drugs cannot fully achieve effective chronic pain control because of their lower efficacy and/or accompanying side effe...
Oct 17, 2014
Mahgoub N, Lerner M, Kalayam B, Young RC
Electroconvulsive therapy is used for the management of severe and refractory depression across the age spectrum. Treatment is guided by clinical response. However, there may be differences between the time course of i...
Oct 16, 2014
Liu J, Xu R, You Y, Man L, Liu Z
Oct 15, 2014
Szymańska K, Kuśmierska K, Demkow U
Neurotransmitters (NTs) play a central role in the efficient communication between neurons necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system. NTs can be divided into two groups: small molecule NTs and larger neuro...
Oct 15, 2014
Tian L, Li Y, Xue X, Wu M, Liu F, Hao X, Zhou D
OBJECTIVE: This study aims to determine the general frequency, mortality, and risk factors of super-refractory status epilepticus (SRSE) versus non-refractory status epilepticus (NRSE) and refractory status epilepticus...