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Jan 28, 2015
Sánchez Fernández I, Loddenkemper T
Introduction: Convulsive status epilepticus (SE) is one of the most frequent and severe neurological emergencies in both adults and children. A timely administration of appropriate antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) can stop s...
Jan 27, 2015
Cawello W, Stockis A, Andreas JO, Dimova S
Lacosamide (LCM) is a functionalized amino acid specifically developed for use as an antiepileptic drug (AED) and is currently indicated as adjunctive treatment for partial-onset seizures in adults with focal epilepsy ...
Jan 27, 2015
Ide M, Kato T, Nakata M, Saito K, Yoshida T, Awaya T, Heike T
Background: Rufinamide, a triazole derivative, is a novel antiepileptic drug (AED) chemically unrelated to other current AEDs. Previous studies on pediatric epilepsy treatment with rufinamide have demonstrated a freque...
Jan 27, 2015
Mauri Llerda JA, Suller Marti A, de la Peña Mayor P, Martínez Ferri M, Poza Aldea JJ, Gomez Alonso J, Mercadé Cerdá JM
INTRODUCTION: The characteristics of some population groups (patients with comorbidities, women of childbearing age, the elderly) may limit epilepsy management. Antiepileptic treatment in these patients may require adj...
Jan 27, 2015
Haddad N, Grant I, Eswaran H
We aimed to describe our preliminary experience with the telemedicine (TM) seizure clinic. A retrospective database analysis for the TM seizure visits between January 2009 and January 2012 was performed. Each subject's...
Jan 27, 2015
Gao L, Xia L, Pan SQ, Xiong T, Li SC
OBJECTIVES: We aimed to gauge the burden of epilepsy in China from a societal perspective by estimating the direct, indirect and intangible costs. METHODS: Patients with epilepsy and controls were enrolled from...
Jan 27, 2015
Moseley BD, Cole D, Iwuora O, Strawn JR, Privitera M
Depression and anxiety are common in patients with epilepsy. Moreover, some antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) have mood stabilizing and anxiolytic effects, while others may worsen psychiatric symptoms. The effects of lacosami...
Jan 24, 2015
Kharkar S, Pillai J, Rochestie D, Haneef Z
PURPOSE: Previous studies show anti-epileptic drug compliance and seizure control in people with epilepsy (PWE) to be lower among low-income groups and African-Americans. We examined how socio-demographic factors influ...
Jan 21, 2015
Larsen EP, Ostergaard JR
PURPOSE: Valproate-induced hyperammonemia (VHA) and hyperammonemic encephalopathy (VHE) are well-known complications of valproate (VPA) treatment. Currently recognised risk factors for VHE include a high VPA dosage, th...
Jan 21, 2015
Ahir BK, Pratten MK
Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are commonly used drugs in pregnant women with epilepsy. Prenatal exposure to AEDs increases the risk of major or minor congenital malformation during embryonic development. The precise mode ...