When rescue medicines are prescribed to help treat seizures, make sure you ask your doctor what needs to be done to monitor the medicines, seizures, and how they affect you. 

A few tips to consider:

  • If the person is sleepy after taking the medicine, let them rest for a while. When they are feeling back to baseline, let them return to their usual activity.
  • Watch the person to make sure that the seizures have stopped. How long this may take will depend on their seizure frequency before the medicine was given and their usual seizure pattern.
  • Call for emergency medical help (usually 911) if:
    • Seizure activity continues after taking the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. 
    • A convulsive seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, even if the rescue medicine has been given.
    • Seizures look different than before.
    • Seizures occur one right after the other.
    • Changes in breathing or skin color are seen.
    • Unusual or serious problems occur.
    • You are worried or bothered by how the person is doing.