SUDEP Awareness Day

United Against SUDEP

The Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute is proud to partner with SUDEP Action in recognizing October 23rd as SUDEP Awareness Day — a day devoted to raising awareness about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy around the world.

What is the goal of SUDEP Awareness Day?

  • Encourage people with epilepsy to learn about SUDEP and their individual risk
  • Promote ways people can manage their epilepsy to reduce their risk
  • Highlight the need for more research into SUDEP to help save lives
  • Raise awareness of SUDEP amongst the general public
  • Honor the lives of all those who have died from the condition

2016 Theme: “United Against SUDEP”  

You can Unite Against SUDEP and can help people with epilepsy reduce their risk by sharing the following messages:

How can I participate in SUDEP Awareness Day?

  1. Share the #DareTo Say SUDEP Infographic.
  2. Check out the "Downloads" section on this webpage and join our social media campaign.
    • Share the messages above, as well as the infographics and posters.
    • Share pictures of you and your loved holding the "Social Media 'Selfie' Sign" 
    • Use the hashtags listed below and tag the Epilepsy Foundation's social media accounts:
      • #SUDEPAwarenessDay2016
      • #UnitedAgainstSUDEP
  3. Make a donation to the SUDEP Institute to support research into how to prevent SUDEP and to help provide support, education, and hope to families impacted by epilepsy and SUDEP.
  4. Write to or meet with your local health professionals with information about SUDEP, epilepsy risks, and how they can help people with epilepsy.
  5. Write to or meet with your local politicians to make them aware of SUDEP and epilepsy risks. Ask how they can help raise awareness locally and nationally.
  6. Hold an information stand in your local hospital or in a public place to share information about epilepsy, epilepsy risks, and how people with epilepsy can help keep safe. 
    • Remember: check for rules and permissions needed at your chosen venue beforehand.
    • Contact your local Epilepsy Foundation or visit our online store for information, materials. and anything else you may need.
  7. If you have epilepsy, make an appointment to talk to your medical provider about your risk for SUDEP and how you can reduce your risk.
Get and help others Unite Against SUDEP!