It's okay to feel nervous about telling other people about your epilepsy. You might be worried that they'll start treating you differently or that they won't handle it well. But chances are they will surprise you and, you never know – you might discover that they have epilepsy too!

Remember, you don't have to tell everyone as soon as you're diagnosed. You might want to wait a few weeks or months until you've had time to think about what epilepsy means to you and learn more about it.
Talking with Friends and Family

Did you know that some students with complex partial seizures have received detention or been suspended for having seizures in class? Their teachers didn’t know they had epilepsy and instead, thought they were just acting out!
Talking with School and Medical Staff

Reviewed by: Joseph I. Sirven, MD | Patricia O. Shafer, RN, MN on 3/2014