Multi generational family

Seizures and epilepsy affect all ages and both men and women. While they tend to occur for the first time in young children or older adults, each age group has unique concerns and problems.  Epilepsy diagnosis and care will vary in different age groups. The psychosocial issues that people experience will also vary. Information for parents, caregivers and others who want to learn about seizures in children of any age, visit Epilepsy in Youth

Differences in types of seizures, treatment, and associated conditions can vary for men and women too. Unique issues arise for women around hormonal changes and life stages. For example, care of a woman during child-bearing age and durig pregnancy is a time that needs special attention to treatment choices, other health concerns, safety, parenting and many other aspects of daily life. Men have unique needs too! 


Reviewed by: Patricia O. Shafer, RN, MN on 12/2015