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Ok so my daughter has epilepsy and normally hers are the grand mal seizures and happen while she is sleeping but just last week she had an absence seizure waching tv. Tonight my oldest daughter...

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More advances in technology for people who struggle with epilepsy in Puerto Rico
They stand out for delivering accurate diagnostics related to neurological conditions. They ''heal...

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I started having mood changes a couple months ago that then changed to migraines, migraines turned into a bad headache and I started having what myself, family and pysch Dr believe to be...

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Hey guys,
I have been having hot flashes for a few months now. Do you think that could be from the medicine?

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Doc put me on Lamictal a few months ago and we had upped it in August to 250mg. Since we upped it, it was great for a few weeks, no seizures or anything-only bad thing was short term memory was...

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Hi all,

I have not posted for a while due to extensive changes and doctors for my Epilepsy. Anyway, I live in Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. I have had many setbacks with my Epilepsy...

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I have a 12 year old daughter who was diagnosed 2 years ago with Absence Juvenile Epilepsy. She has tried 7 different medications over the past 2 years and is currently on a...

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Hi everyone!
My name is Lauren, I am a twenty six year old female from the merry old land of Oz and am also a complete newbie to this forum! Therefore I am not sure if I am posting in the...