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    Has anyone on here had Temporal Lobe surgery at Tampa General Hospital by Dr. Fernando Vale?  They have confirmed that I am a canidate for this surgery and are setting me up an...

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I have been having seizures for a little over a year now I would say, only when I am asleep. It seems to happen at random times, so not every night. The worst part is I have recently...

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I have an epileptic friend, got him to join a facebook support group.  Well... he tells me that, everyone on facebook says stuff like, "get used to never working again" and "You'll be dependent on...

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Have any of you had a history of Colic or Prolonged Crying as an infant? To the parents, did your epileptic child have or had colice or prolonged crying? 



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I'm new here, and have been reading through this forum the last day or two.  Two days ago I experienced something I've never went through before, and I had some questions.  

I guess I'll...

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Hello all, this is my first time posting to this forum. I am turning here for advice on selecting a hospital based on first hand experience from anyone that has had a similar proceedure as out son...

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I'm 16 and was diagnosed at the beginning of the year with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. I've always had myoclonic jerks and pedimals but Saturday morning I had a grand mal and it's now Monday yet...