After hearing about or experiencing the tragic loss caused by SUDEP, many people want to know how they can help protect others from this devastating outcome. Below are some of the activities you can participate in:

  1. Building awareness for SUDEP is a critical first step to preventing SUDEP.
    • If you are bereaved by SUDEP, share your story. The SUDEP Institute can help you build awareness in your local community, as well as on a national level.
    • If you are living with epilepsy, visit our Talking About SUDEP page to learn how you can talk to your caregivers, friends and family about SUDEP.
  2. Help distribute brochures that include information about SUDEP.
  3. Help support SUDEP Surveillance Efforts by contacting your local affiliate to learn what is happening in your region.
  4. Participate in education events like Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy (PAME) webinars and conference.
  5. Join the National Walk for Epilepsy, participate in a walk or event in your area by connecting with the local Epilepsy Foundation near you, or explore the many other ways you can get involved.
  6. Participate in research about SUDEP.
  7. Contact us to learn how you can connect with others who are bereaved by SUDEP. Email or call 800-332-1000 and press 1 to speak with an Information Specialist.
  8. Make a donation to support the SUDEP Institute programs.
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