Care Coordination

The Medical Home

This training program explores how to develop, evaluate and adapt a care coordination model that can be used to deliver comprehensive, continuous and longitudinal care.

At the conclusion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Design or refine a care coordination model and practice within your medical home practice.
  • Evaluate strengths and areas for improvement within your medical home practice.
  • Develop your care coordination team action plan.
  • Outline steps for improving collaboration and teamwork in your practice.

Total Running Time: 14 minutes 9 seconds

Additional Resources
Training Sources
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  • Lindeke, L., E. Presler, and P. Hackett-Hunter.  “Module 2: Building Patient/Family-Centered Care Coordination Through Ongoing Delivery System Design.” In Pediatric Care Coordination Curriculum, by R. C. Antonelli et al. Boston: Boston Children’s Hospital, 2012.