After a person has a cluster of seizures and is given Diastat, give the person a place to rest if possible and watch how they are doing for a period of time.

  • The Diastat instructions recommend that someone stay with the person for 4 hours after Diastat is given.  Make sure that the person is not having any changes in their breathing, skin color, or side effects.
  • If the child is sleepy, let them rest for a while. When they are feeling back to normal, let them return to their usual activity.
  • Watch the child to make sure that seizures have stopped. How long this may take will depend on their seizure frequency before Diastat was given and their usual seizure pattern.
  • No special monitoring equipment is needed.
  • Call for emergency medical help (usually 911) if:
    • Seizure activity continues for 15 minutes after the Diastat is given.
    • If a convulsive seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, even if Diastat has already been given.
    • Seizures look different than before.
    • Seizures occur one right after the other.
    • Changes in breathing or color are seen.
    • Unusual or serious problems occur.
    • You are worried or bothered by how the person is doing.