Being safe is important. Learn how to make your surroundings safer to prevent injury if a seizure occurs. Teach others what to do if they see a person having a seizure.

Strategies for Preventing Injuries

For all people with seizures: For Patients at Higher Risk:
Treat epilepsy seriously and get the best seizures control possible.  Avoid baths, take showers instead.
Take your medicines regularly and at the same times. Use a shower chair if at risk for falls. 
If your balance if poor or you are falling, talk to your doctor about medicine side effects. Lessen risks for burns in the kitchen or other high risk places. 
Never swim alone and wear a life jacket around water activities.  Avoid smoking! It’s not good for you in many ways. 
Exercise regularly to maintain bone health.  Wear helmet if falling frequently or high risk of head injury (for selected patients)
Wear a helmet when riding a bike, climbing or in other activities with risks for injury.  Avoid high places.
Follow the laws for driving with epilepsy.  Make a safety plan – how to stay safe but stay active.
  Find out what other safety precautions to consider 


Authored by: Steven C. Schachter MD | Patricia O. Shafer RN MN on 1/2013