• Coping with epilepsy is different for everyone.
  • Seizure control can range from complete to not-at-all depending on treatment and circumstances.
  • Epilepsy and it's treatment can affect how people think and feel. So too can many epilepsy-related conditions. 
  • Concerns are different based on age and sex or if you are parent or caregiver.
  • Living with epilepsy is truly a family affair. 

What is life with epilepsy going to be like?

Living well is a realistic goal for the vast majority of people with epilepsy. But life with epilepsy isn't without some bumps. Actually, it’s like going on a journey with a lot of peaks and valleys. There are times things will be going well. You’re feeling good and whatever you are doing seems to be working. Life is going along smoothly. Then something happens. Maybe seizures have gotten worse or you’ve come across different problems in your life. The way you dealt with problems in the past might not be working as well now. It may be time to reach out and learn something new. You may need a new way of looking at life with epilepsy, a new way of coping, or a new way of getting help.

This section gives an overview of some problems that can come up for people living with epilepsy and what you need to know to face these challenges.

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Authored by: Steven C. Schachter, MD | Patricia O. Shafer RN, MN | Joseph I.Sirven, MD on 10/2013