"Our Guiding Principles" was developed by the national staff of the Epilepsy Foundation to guide the personal actions and professional performance required to reach our strategic goals and achieve our vision.

Ethics in Dealings

  • We support each other and interact in an honest and forthright manner in all that we do;
  • We do not participate with others in any transactions that are not in the best interest of the Epilepsy Foundation and the people we serve;
  • We observe all laws and regulations that apply to the Epilepsy Foundation and to work that we do.

Relationships with Stakeholders

  • We give personal, prompt, and thorough attention to the needs of each individual who has epilepsy and to each family we serve;
  • We make certain that people who have seizures, their families, and loved ones know of our dedication and passion for eliminating the stigma of seizure disorders;
  • We make every effort to provide personal, prompt and thorough attention to the needs and requests of our colleagues;
  • We recognize our affiliates and sponsors as key stakeholders and conduct our partnerships with them accordingly;
  • We ensure that respect, dignity, compassion, kindness, and grace are the hallmarks of all of our interactions with others.

Quality of Work

  • We each contribute toward creating a work environment that celebrates collaboration and shared goals;
  • We take pride in ensuring that the result of our personal actions contributes to the good reputation of the Epilepsy Foundation;
  • We each take responsibility for, and are satisfied with nothing less than, delivering excellence in the quality of what we do.

Diversity in Our Working Environment

  • We maintain a reputation for integrity and diversity in our recruitment, hiring, staff development and retention policies and practices;
  • We encourage, promote and celebrate diversity in all its aspects;
  • We seek diversity of belief, thought, and experience in making important decisions within the organization;
  • We respect individual opinion and amicably agree to disagree when our views cannot be reconciled;
  • We share information fully and accurately with all staff in order to facilitate collaborative, effective, and efficient teamwork;
  • We promote a friendly and inviting working atmosphere that encourages all staff to interact, share ideas, and participate in activities;
  • We provide all staff personnel with professional growth and learning opportunities wherever and whenever possible;
  • We recognize and promote staff members, equitably and on merit;
  • We acknowledge and reward staff achievements in a manner that encourages productivity, consistent performance, and personal fulfillment.

Leadership in the Healthcare Field

  • We build and preserve a reputation for integrity, independence, accuracy and objectivity in representing the needs of people with epilepsy;
  • We work to establish the Epilepsy Foundation as a leader in its field through best-of-class management and quality response to the needs of our stakeholders;
  • We strive to develop a significant and strong public following in support of the work of the Epilepsy Foundation on behalf of its stakeholders;
  • We are tireless in promoting the development and implementation of public and private sector policies meeting the needs of people with epilepsy, their families and our other stakeholders.