Dear friends,


The launch of the new represents a bold new beginning for the Epilepsy Foundation. We have entered an exciting new chapter in our history that will have an enduring benefit for individuals living with seizures and for the entire epilepsy community. The Epilepsy Foundation and Epilepsy Therapy Project, after a successful, decade-long partnership in the funding of new therapies, have come together to form one organization with a stronger voice in education and awareness and with a greater ability to improve the lives of people with epilepsy and accelerate new therapies to market in a timeframe that matters.

Together, our time is now.

The Epilepsy Foundation is boldly pushing forward to improve the lives of the more than 2 million Americans living with epilepsy. A full one-third of people with epilepsy have seizures that cannot be controlled in any way by currently available treatments and therapies. For many more, side effects of treatments have a dramatic impact on quality of life. Epilepsy, being a spectrum condition, is different for each and every person who lives with it. Some have their seizures controlled with medication; some live with hundreds of seizures a day. For others, epilepsy robs them of their lives.

The Epilepsy Foundation is a family-led organization dedicated to being an unwavering ally for all people impacted by epilepsy and seizures. 

When our 4-year-old son Philip had his first seizure, my wife, Jill, and I didn’t know what was happening and we were very frightened. Philip was in intensive care for four days. The hospital staff told us that Philip may be one in 10 Americans who have one seizure during their lifetime. We were devastated to find just a few weeks later, our son was having multiple seizures a day. Our son had epilepsy. And, our family began a journey that was heartbreaking at first, but not without promise and hope. 

In our journey to find answers, Jill and I found a parent support group through the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. The Epilepsy Foundation helped us find an epilepsy center that had medical professionals committed solely to helping individuals living with seizures. It was our association with the Epilepsy Foundation and with Philip’s medical team that began to make the difference. In many ways, Philip and our family were lucky to find good care for his seizures.

At the Epilepsy Foundation, we believe that no individual or family should have to be “lucky” to find good care for their seizures.

In the last year, the Epilepsy Foundation’s staff and volunteers across our network of 47 affiliates provided supportive care, public education, outreach and services, all at no cost, to more individuals and families than ever before. 

We are building on the incredible strength and reach of, creating the most comprehensive consumer information and public education website in the world. 

We are focused more than ever on advancing new therapies in a timeframe that matters for all people living with epilepsy today and to strengthening our ability to fund the very best research that will advance our mission. 

We are working with strong partners, allies and friends to help build public awareness, so all people will know how to recognize a seizure and what to do if they see someone having a seizure. 

We are advocating for and protecting the rights of all people living with seizures, so they do not continue to face discrimination in their communities, schools or places of work. 

I invite you to explore our new website, join our community and celebrate with us as we begin this new and exciting chapter in our organization’s history. With your continued support, we will accelerate our shared vision and work together to see a day when we all live in a world without seizures.

Thank you, 


Phil Gattone

President and CEO

Epilepsy Foundation